Why Attendance Management System Necessary for Schools?

One of the most recalled memories of primary school is the procedure of morning attendance. Teachers would ritually stand at the front of the class and call student names from a roster. We would reply in affirmation with either a “present” or “here” response. A tedious and lengthy routine, most[…]


Regular school attendance is key to students’ success. However, as schools face funding and staffing cutbacks and parents face increasing financial pressures to work, there isn’t much supervision occurring. As a result, many students bunk or skip school. This drastically affects their academic performance. An automated Student attendance system can[…]

Manage Student Attendance with Biometric device

The biometric system for attendance keeping is a very important device that is to be used in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Face it, each and every grown up has some secret way to bunk classes and hang out with friends. Today, since the scenario has turned vulnerable[…]

Top 8 Unquestionable Benefits of Student Attendance System

According to a recent report, only 1% of the registered schools in the world have invested in a tool as novel as the Student Attendance System. Beyond doubt, there is a huge potential lying in the way these systems are projected in the modern day world where technology is part[…]

A look at Top 6 Benefits of Student Attendance System

In the last few years, schools and colleges have given great emphasis on the attendance of the students. Studies conducted have given evidence that good attendance can improve the potential of a student for better performance. Therefore, a good student attendance system has become central to many schools and colleges.[…]

How The Student Attendance System Can Bring A Difference With Its Features?

Biometric attendance system is greatly helpful in different premises ranging from offices, schools, shops, hospitals, airports, companies, libraries and many other organizations, regardless the nature and size of the organization. In the recent years, the popularity of the Student Attendance System has increased and many schools and colleges have started[…]

Instil Discipline in Students Using Students Attendance System

The efficiency of any individual can be directly measured from the number of days he or she has come to the school and the number of hours spent in the lecture sessions. An important aspect to measure academic performance and appraisal largely depends on the term ‘Attendance’. Technology is pushing[…]


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