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How to Bring a Positive Change to Your Workplace Culture?

We have different sets of values and beliefs that we bring to our workplace. It helps us build a culture together. It can be either authoritative or friendly. But with changing times, one must look into every aspect that contributes to making fair policies concerning employees and business. That’s what[…]

HR Assessment Methods

5 Most Used HR Assessment Methods

HR is the backbone of any organization. It’s crucial to understand the role of HR in making sound decisions concerning employee welfare: how employees can stay motivated and what areas need improvement. But how do you assess the efficiency of the HR team? How well is the HR department performing[…]

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Rethinking Engagement with Employees and Customers

Businesses have begun to change how they perceive employee engagement before the pandemic. Now, it’s more about taking your people’s interests and preferences into account and creating friendly policies that help them adjust to the new normal. It’s going above understanding how HR software can help employees engage in processes[…]


Establishing an Organization Guidance System

Organizations have gone through a sea change over the decade. There is a definite shift in how business and HR leaders perceive organization capabilities and integrate them with individual competencies. Now, businesses are more open to investing in nurturing talent. Gone are the days of adhering to strict processes and[…]

What Does It Take to Build a Socially Conscious Workplace Culture

What Does It Take to Build a Socially Conscious Workplace Culture?

Being socially conscious is often perceived as a responsibility rather than a tag. Self-awareness is the key. You need to know how your actions impact people around you and what better can you do to help your community progress. New-age entrepreneurs are all about exploring new things and taking risks.[…]

How is Technology Helping in Assessing Language Skills

How is Technology Helping in Assessing Language Skills?

Language proficiency is a dominating aspect of communication that needs a detailed discussion. Communicating effectively with a team and communicating effectively within it are two different sides of a coin. You have to look both ways to achieve the desired outcome. Most global organizations find ways to innovate and create[…]

The Need for Personalization in Business in the Age of COVID-19

The Need for Personalization in Business in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic has taught the world several valuable lessons, including caring for ourselves and ensuring that our people remain safe and healthy. In this context, most organizations had to restructure and look beyond the obvious of counting on payroll HRMS to decide better. It was time to redefine safety standards[…]


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