Giving Constructive Feedback to Members of a Remote Team

Giving Constructive Feedback to Members of a Remote Team

You may have been accustomed to meeting with your employees face-to-face and providing them with feedback in the past. However, post-COVID-19, we’re in an entirely different era. As the epidemic continued to spread, many leaders and team members were forced to stay away from the workplace at all times. Earlier,[…]

How to Manage Time & Attendance for Remote Teams?

Most organizations have adapted to the new normal of working from home. It yields benefits for employees as they save on the commuting cost and remain safe inside their homes. However, managers may have to face challenges when monitoring the time and attendance of their respective teams.  As an organization,[…]

Student Attendance System

Benefits of Student Attendance Software

Many educational institutions are adopting new technologies considering the new normal of working from home. Every aspect needs to be considered, including flexible time, leaves, time off, etc. In such cases, how do schools and colleges monitor the attendance of the students? Most schools and colleges have started using an[…]

Increasing Workplace Efficiency Using Attendance Software Systems

Every organisation needs to monitor how their employees spend their time, especially when they are working with clients and offer services by the hour. Attendance management is necessary not only to bill clients properly but also to reduce the time HR managers spend on administrative and attendance related activities. Without[…]

How The Attendance System Marks The Productivity At The Office

The workforce is the center of any organization, but regularly tracking the attendance is a real headache. We can track an employee’s attendance, arrival or departure time, etc. need to be monitored for which the manual process takes too much time. With the advancement of technology, attendance software has been[…]


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