Best Advantages of Using Online Time and Attendance Tracking System

It is a common feature to see employees stealing company time in majority of organizations. There are many radical ways to do this, some go for buddy punching and some steal time by punching in and out earlier or later than the time they were actually supposed to. All these[…]

Iris Scanner: Ideal Biometric Technology for High-security Applications

Worldwide business owners appear to heave a sigh of relief due to the advent of latest technological solution that ensures avoidance of manipulation by employees related to time and attendance. However, the core nature of technology is constant up-gradation. In future time, it is going to be impossible for employees[…]

Biometric Enabled Time Tracking Software – Use it to Ensure Accurate Employee Time

It is very significant to accurately account employee time. For profitability and growth of an organization, it is essential that employee efficiency and productivity be enhanced. This is more significant for businesses that are small or medium sized. By tracking hours put in by employees during their working hours in[…]

Web Based Time Tracking Software Keeps Payroll Management Trouble Free

Monitoring Payroll costs is an important concern for any business or industry. The small and medium sized businesses are already impacted with the increasing payroll costs that include both the regular pay as well as the overtime pay. Apart from increased payroll costs, even errors or employee rights violation are[…]

Time Management – An Important Resource Often Overlooked by Employers

It is easy for small scale business owner to keep track of company’s resources such as capital, employees and facilities but what often seems ignored is employee’s time. Since time is difficult to quantify, business owners consider employee’s time as unlimited resource. It has been studied that people on a[…]

Time Management – Plan, Prioritize and Do Not Defer Tasks

Time Management is something that even a child must know. Time is the most important factor that governs life; still most of us are not aware about its management. There are many philosophers who are giving guidance to manage time. Each day at some point, an individual regrets his/her inability[…]


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