A Look into The Latest Time & Attendance Software


Timelabs has created a niche for itself in the world of Time and attendance system by successfully fulfilling the needs of its valued customers. As a part of its effort, it has established a devoted network of professional distributors to provide better reach and superior customer service.

With extensive experience in employee time and attendance management system, it is one of the leading online dealers of Time and attendance software, Biometric Devices and time clocks. It gives its customers great service and value for money.

Timelabs has the complete line of time keeping products, starting from times clocks to advanced biometric finger time clocks. All these devices are automatic and are equipped with state of the art time and attendance software. Budding punching is a common problem that is faced by companies all over the world. Time keeping software will help you to tackle this problem as it eliminates buddy punching. It will help your company to save thousands of dollars.

When it comes to employee time clock system, you can be very sure of the quality of customer service of Timelabs. They will help you to find the best possible solution for attendance requirements, which will also match your particular business needs. They have a vast range of Payroll Software, which includes specific payroll software for India, Payroll management system, salary management system, TDS return software with online support.

Time and attendance software: It is a need of the hour. Here, you will find software which will be significant in keeping time record, as well as administrative needs. Some of the software that you will find very useful in solving proxy attendance are Time Attendance software, Fingerprint Biometric, Fingerprint recognition, Fingerprint Attendance system and Fingerprint time attendance Machine.

Biometric Equipment: Biometric devices are the latest invention. They identify the unique characteristics of a human being, which cannot be replicated by any other person. This identification is generally based on behavioral trait or physical trait of an individual. Physical trait identification includes face recognition, DNA, palm, eyes, fingerprints, etc. On the other hand behavioral identification is based on rhythm or voice recognition.

Payroll Software: Manual calculation of salary, wages and other incentives is always a tedious and time consuming task. Payroll software applications are very useful in calculating precise salary, it does complex calculations accurately. The software comes loaded with features for calculation of PF, ESI and professional tax.

Companies all over the world have found the time and attendance software as a reliable channel to reduce payroll cost and improve business process.

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