Biometric authentication is a type of automated verification/identification technique where an individual’s behavioural or physiological characteristics are assessed. Examples of these traits include gait, fingerprints, iris, etc. The concept of biometrics, particularly fingerprint biometrics has been in existence for over a thousand years. However, it became a part of automated[…]


As the need to combat identity theft, security breaches and data theft increases, the use and reliance on biometric technology is propagating at an even faster rate. From governments to private businesses, all are searching for a reliable form of authentication technology that is both reliable and impossible to breach.[…]

Using Biometric Devices for Employee Management in the Offices

The manufacture of the biometric devices had one thing in mind when they were implemented in the practical world, and that is helping out the professional organizations from the unavoidable problems of proxy attendance or buddy punching as well as loss or theft of data. The manual office registers could[…]

The Pros and Aspects of Using the Biometric Devices for Leave Record

It is very much true indeed that the technological advancement is a sword with dual sharp edges. The newly devised technological fruits have their set of pros and cons. When the electronic system for the accessing of attendance control came into being, people wondered about the efficiency as well as[…]

Managing Attendance of Employees with the Help of High-End Software

In today’s era of cut throat competition, almost all kind of industries run on a single motto and that is the concept of “time is money”. The presence of the employees make a difference to the revenue as well as the growth of a company. The intricate part of the[…]


The Aspects of Biometric Devices in Professional Timekeeping

The implementation of biometric devices in the professional scenario has several aspects. The devices are used for Recording of the unique attribution of the employees Registering the attributes in the server Calculating the leaves Calculating the leaves left Daily attendance Time of entering and exiting the office Reducing the chances[…]

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric time attendance system cuts HR expenses considerably

The quality of any biometric time and attendance system is determined by the quality of the software it uses. Finding good software is the key. You would like to make sure that the software meets your needs and is robust enough to handle whatever your business may or may not[…]

How Biometric Face Recognition System Is Bringing A World Of Difference?

Technological advancements and wonders have certainly gifted men with lots of things to utilize and make complicated tasks easier. In addition to that, it has even played an immense role in enhancing the safety and security in various spheres ranging from workplaces to schools and other organizations. In this context,[…]


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