Regular school attendance is key to students’ success. However, as schools face funding and staffing cutbacks and parents face increasing financial pressures to work, there isn’t much supervision occurring. As a result, many students bunk or skip school. This drastically affects their academic performance. An automated Student attendance system can be a big boon for schools, parents and ultimately students.

It is a type of software designed to manage various attendance tasks faced by both private and public schools. Student attendance software records attendance, produces regular absentee and attendance bulletins and simplifies many school attendance related tasks.

In addition, student attendance software has an online presence. This enables schools to access necessary student attendance, either through hand-held devices or online data.

How does student attendance software improve student school turnout?

1. Improves Student-Attendance Management

attendance system

This software automates teacher, staff and student attendance. Typically, school administrative staff often face the harrowing task of painstakingly tracking attendance for each and every student. Therefore the likelihood of human error is very high. An automated attendance software system drastically reduces the scope for human error.

2. Reduces Administrative Tasks for Schools

Student Attendance software provides a detailed and accurate picture of every student’s attendance record. Errors can be quickly fixed in the system and require next-to-no time. This helps parents and educators alike quickly address issues pertaining to absenteeism or truancy.

3. Improved Accountability of Students’ Whereabouts

Having an automated attendance system provides better accountability of a student’s whereabouts. This is especially important with students who have a high rate of absenteeism and or truancy. Parents and educators can quickly address this concern.

4. Increases Parental Involvement and Awareness

Biometric Attendence

A majority of parents are working. They have no certain way to ascertain whether their child is attending school or not. An automated attendance system removes this uncertainty. The software sends immediate updates regarding their ward’s whereabouts. These updates are sent via SMS messages.

5. Motivates Student Attendance

There is something psychologically altering when we know our attendance is being tracked, especially when we have to be accountable for not being present. Since most of us and even students don’t like that “uneasy” feeling, we would much rather attend school.

School attendance is vital to a student’s success both in academics and later in their adult years. A student attendance software can successfully motivate and promote school turnout. To learn more about how this software can help your school, contact Time Labs.


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