In the last few years, schools and colleges have given great emphasis on the attendance of the students. Studies conducted have given evidence that good attendance can improve the potential of a student for better performance. Therefore, a good student attendance system has become central to many schools and colleges. These systems are designed in such a way so that they can monitor the attendance of the students on a regular basis. A cloud computing solution works excellent in this case. It enables the staffs of the school to do and maintain any form of administration tasks they want.

1    Electronic Tracking Of Attendance: It goes without saying that the electronic tracking of attendance can be highly useful. Along with improving the attendance, it can reduce lots of manual effort.

2    Forget the roll books- The roll books in which teachers took attendance traditionally in schools can be easily abandoned with the help of this system. It saves lots of time, while also prevents the chances of false attendance. The management system will assume that all students are present so that the teacher has to mark only the students who are absent.

3    Enhancing the punctuality- Punctuality is often absent in primary schools and even some higher schools. Some students have the tendency to come late. It is said that a child that comes late misses a huge percentage of the class each day, which can sum to a huge amount of loss. Some student attendance system allows the schools to record for late attendance. Accordingly, it can report the total hours and minutes a student has missed at any given point of time. In fact, it is not surprising to note that the system can work towards improving the punctuality.

4    Recording reasons for absence- One of the major things that teachers can do with the system is to record the reasons for the absence of the students. Prior to the introduction of the system, it was required on part of the students to fill out a form, which was often tiresome. With this system teachers take attendance online. As a result, the system can easily calculate the numbers of students that have missed their schools. It certainly helps in saving loads of time.

5    Automatic texts to families- Some systems are designed in such a way so that it can send automatic texts to families when their students are absent. In the primary schools, there might not be a huge need to skip, but it might turn out to be a very handy solution if a student misses school in the higher levels. Apart from that, the automatic texts might also be useful for families who are not aware of how many classes their children have missed in total till date.

6    Printing the required data- The student attendance system can print the required data for various attendance books that schools have to fill. The job of data entry does not take up much time, and on the contrary, it aims to offer loads of benefits.


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