Manage Student Attendance with Biometric device


The biometric system for attendance keeping is a very important device that is to be used in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Face it, each and every grown up has some secret way to bunk classes and hang out with friends.

Today, since the scenario has turned vulnerable in the society, it is extremely important for the educational institutions to implement these devices to maintain attendance as well as the safety of the premises. The usages of biometrics are predominantly perceived inside the big organizations, their warehouses as well as in the shops where they keep track of the employees’ movements as well as the security of the establishments.

The Basic Rolesof the Biometric Devices Used in Educational Institutions are:

attendance system

• Used for monitoring time, tracking the movement of the students to see their entry and exit, keeping the unknown persons away from entering the premises and also keeping the perfect record of the leaves taken by the students.

• The latest biometrics attendance systems are directly fed with the registered mobile numbers of the parents or the guardians of the students. This has effectively provided the authorities of the organization as well as the parents with the advantage of tracking their wards’ presence or absence from the premises. Each of the devices is updated with the exclusive and unique characteristics of the students along with the details like their names, parents’ name and mobile numbers. So in the case of any discrepancy, the authorities will be duly notified.

student attendeance

• The basic biometrics work on the function of scanning of unique characteristics like fingerprints. The other kind of biometrics also comprises of scanning systems of the face, iris of the eyes, voice recognition, etc. Each time the students walk in or out of the biometrically locked door, they have to scan their unique features with the device so that they cannot cheat the system of time tracking.

• Each time a new student enrolls in the institution; his or her unique features are scanned and recorded by the biometric devices which are connected to the main server of the system. This helps in the automatic updating of the records.

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