Giving Constructive Feedback to Members of a Remote Team

Giving Constructive Feedback to Members of a Remote Team

You may have been accustomed to meeting with your employees face-to-face and providing them with feedback in the past. However, post-COVID-19, we’re in an entirely different era. As the epidemic continued to spread, many leaders and team members were forced to stay away from the workplace at all times. Earlier,[…]

Most Effective Ways to Track Your Employee Hours

Most Effective Ways to Track Your Employee Hours

Time monitoring enables you to determine precisely how long it takes to accomplish a task and which members of your team perform most effectively, regardless of whether they are hourly or salaried staff. Knowing how much time is spent on various tasks enables managers to allocate resources better. If you[…]

Top 10 Drivers of Employee Engagement

Top 10 Drivers of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement reflects how employees experience value and feel motivated in their work. The more engaged your employees are, the more satisfied and productive they have more chances to be with you for longer. In a recent study report of the retail industry in the COVID-19 era, it was observed[…]

How Sticking to Manual Attendance Management System Can Cost Your Business Money?

Organizations have always faced difficulties in tracking the working hours of employees. Despite the introduction of the various new employee attendance management system, many organizations are still sticking to manual attendance systems. Some of the traditional employee time tracking models include punch clocks, time cards, and time-sheets. Manual HR attendance[…]

Features of Effective Attendance Management System

Tracking employee working hours has been an essential process from time immemorial. A lot of shifts have happened during these years, for instance, the shift from traditional punch cards to the modern biometric system and access cards. Employers ensure that they keep a track of their employees by noting their[…]

How To Make Timesheet Submission Easy With Employee Attendance Software?

It’s not surprising to learn that in the business there is one plague that afflicts employee time tracking: employees despise filling out timesheets! It’s this affliction alone that makes managers and supervisors running to amass everyone’s data and ensure it’s accurate. Here are a few ways you can make timesheet[…]

Benefits Of Incorporating An Online Employee Attendance Management System

TimeLabs specializes in the field of making biometric attendance for your company to ensure regulated workflow management. This type of system is gaining popularity in many of the leading companies around the world. Companies that install this type of management system are moving with technology. On installing this system the[…]

How To Select The Best Employees Attendance Software?

Manually keeping track of attendance and time is frustrating! It requires an exceeding amount of patience and time; something most HR personnel is constantly running out of. With an employees attendance software, you’re automating time recording procedures. This leads to improvements in scheduling, reduction in labour expenses and accurate pay.[…]

Why Employee Attendance Management System is Important?

An employee attendance management system has an important place in today’s workplace, especially when we discuss profitability and productivity of a company. Having a reliable employee attendance tracking system helps companies prosper and grow in their respective niche. It also ensures seamless and efficient operations. For example, consider an employee[…]


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