Biometric Facial recognition systems now feature in Schools, Colleges and other Educational Institutions


Schools, colleges and other educational institutions are increasing focusing on the need to upgrade their Student Attendance system. Reason: Their batch sizes are increasing and there have been glaring discrepancy in the way the academic records are handled in some institutes. Use of biometrics facial recognition system in addition to fingerprint attendance software ensures that each student is accounted for and the performance in any important event is tracked for consistency.

But why schools and colleges took so long to implement this novel idea in the first place?

In the early part of its implementation, there was a rumour about the safety of the biometric facial recognition systems. Some believed that the consoles used to assess the identification can cause cancer and other mutational ailments as it involved the use of UV and IR spectrum. With so much doubt and no federal agency to clear them, the schools refrained from initiating the process. When all leading health agencies cleared the Biometric systems as safe and secure, for kids aged over 5 years.

How students take this technology?

Kids are the best spotters of how well a technology works. They would invariably find the flaw in it and find ways. When biometric face recognition system manufacturers introduced them in schools, kids stills managed to sneak through the system and register their attendance. With time, many students were interviewed and flaws were eliminated.
Here are 4 reasons why students prefer to use this technology over hand-written signatures or roll calls, still practiced in archaic institutions.
–    Heavy books on the back and serious classes awaiting them, students love the idea of punching their IDs or getting their finger prints scanned in the very first minute as they enter the premises.

–    Easy to use and absolutely no interference, no administrator will ever round them up for bunking or getting late into the class. The system automatically registers the Log in and Log out time. Some schools even share this detail with parents on a daily basis. It is scary for the kids, but great tool for parents.

–    With hardly any chance of mistakes, there is a competition among students to maintain the attendance record.

–    The digital graphics, UV sensors and the soft touch pads and the way they are installed in the premises attract students to keep updating their attendance.

Why administrators prefer to use Fingerprint attendance software linked to the Biometrics?

In this Digital Age, it is important to introduce contemporary practices very early in a student’s life. Administrators now understand the importance of data security and wish to protect the detail of each student. Biometrics and attendance software invariably links all the details of a student to its existing database.

Students, parents and administrators consider the extent to which data protection works when compared to the number of students registering under it. Today, for each school there are 12 fingerprint identification kits to classify 1000 students. Only when there is a chance of gaining a healthy ratio of console to kids, administrators implement the system.

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