Manage Student Attendance with Biometric device

The biometric system for attendance keeping is a very important device that is to be used in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Face it, each and every grown up has some secret way to bunk classes and hang out with friends. Today, since the scenario has turned vulnerable[…]


The Aspects of Biometric Devices in Professional Timekeeping

The implementation of biometric devices in the professional scenario has several aspects. The devices are used for Recording of the unique attribution of the employees Registering the attributes in the server Calculating the leaves Calculating the leaves left Daily attendance Time of entering and exiting the office Reducing the chances[…]

Time Attendance Systems

Time and attendance systems provide essential security data

The traditional driver behind the installation of a new time and attendance system is the administration sector. Administration requires a record of who has attended the workplace, and when. This data is transferred to payroll calculations either automatically or through data capture and transfer. But for security officers, time attendance[…]

How The Biometric Face Recognition System Has Rapidly Expanded?

You might have come across biometric face recognition system, but you are not familiar about the concept. Well, the face recognition system uses a specific geometry for distinguishing the different features of face. It uses computer vision to identify or authenticate a person. The best part is that the technology[…]

How Biometric Face Recognition System Is Bringing A World Of Difference?

Technological advancements and wonders have certainly gifted men with lots of things to utilize and make complicated tasks easier. In addition to that, it has even played an immense role in enhancing the safety and security in various spheres ranging from workplaces to schools and other organizations. In this context,[…]


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