Timelabs enables an organization to:

  • Standardize and automate local and global HR processes to increase efficiency.
  • Manage an increasingly local diverse workforce
  • Reduce the time and costs associated with HR administration, while setting the stage for future innovation
  • Increase visibility and transparency into your HR processes
  • Increase compliance with ever changing legal regulations
1. We Care:

It is easy to talk, harder to listen and hardest of all to be a careful listener. We pay attention to the conversation our audience is making. We listen to the minutest detail irrespective of the fact whether it is a prospect or a destressed voice. a) Listen b) Summarize c) Record d) Action


2. Scalability:

How far an HRMS can grow? It depends what is the requirement. As companies expanded further, the employees increased, the work load broadened and the data began to pile up. This meant a need for more space and automated storage needs and that is where cloud comes into picture. We introduced Cloud HRMS when others were contemplating. It reduces capital expenditure and increase accessibility to all sizes of the company. Our Cloud HRMS does the same work as on premise HRMS but it does not require on- premise HRMS hardware. We provide with our cloud service,

a) Speed b) Reduced cost c) Customizable d) Numerous options


3. Comprehensive:

Timelabs Professional is today one of the most comprehensive, fully customizable HRMS for small and mid – sized businesses. We help you improve upon effectiveness, productivity, efficiency and make better decision across all your key HR tasks so you get the most out of every penny you invest in your people. You will find the following, all at one place,

a) Employee Management b) Time Attendance c) Advance Leave Management d) Employee Self Service e) MIS Reporting f) Device Management g) Schedulers and Mail Integration h) Payroll Management i) Web Reporting j) Biometric Devices.

4. Affordability, Try & Buy:

Timelabs Professional is modular in structure. It is one of the robust solution yet simple and affordable. Being affordable is one of the biggest advantage it enjoys in the industry. Buy as you require. It suits the pockets to a very small company as the pricing is very competitive. It is the choice to buy one module and keep on updating with other modules at a very lucrative price.


It seems difficult to learn driving but once you have learnt it, one does not feel getting out of the car. You have the option here with Timelabs. Any new technology or solution implemented gives jitters to the users. We make it easy for you with an option of trying the HRMS for 10 days before buying. This advantage has enabled us to remove the apprehensions of the end users and create a sense of belongingness.

5. User Friendly:

Life is too complicated and under relentless pressure at work and we know that. We realize that fact that any change in a solution brings in a lot of pain to the end user if it not user friendly. Adaptability is the key which we realized from day one of Timelabs HRMS’s inception. Our team of experts has made it as easy and user friendly as a piece of cake. Any novice in technology can access the features as an expert. Moreover in an endeavor to be the best in industry for our customer engagement, we provide training to the key person nominated from the company which further imparts training to other users. Our call center is just one call away for any guidance.

6. Geographical Coverage:

Our reach to our audience is immense, nationally. With our offices at Delhi, Jaipur, Pune and virtual offices at Kolkata and Bengaluru we practically cover each region of India. We treat our audience with equality irrespective of the size of their enterprise. Our customers are our voice whether they are from the remotest part or from the biggest metro of India.

Geographical Coverage

7. Compliance:

Organizations have legal obligations which needs to be fulfilled to keep their business running and avoiding penalties. The obligations can be related pursuing fair trade practices, maintaining conducive environment for their employees and obtaining necessary certifications from government agencies. Non – compliance with government regulations puts the business at risk. The company therefore has to be in compliance with the regulatory bodies and fulfill all reporting requirements. To streamline all compliance related needs, company needs to be on HRMS platform. Amongst all its modules, there is one called legal and compliance management module, which is specifically designed to meet compliance needs. Our team is on top of the guidelines and statutory compliance rules and regulations so as to keep our users abreast of any changes for ease of operations.

8. SEO & Online Presence:

We are as near to you as typing in “Timelabs” in any search engine. The SEO will directly bring you to us and our team waits you for this opportunity entrusted upon to serve you till satisfaction. We are visible in every social media where our content, pages, blogs run. Be it Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, we keep on sharing with our audience with the latest trends in HRMS and where the world is moving with its features, benefits and analysis. We remain close to our customer and their involvement in social media keeps us encouraging to share the knowledge we managed to gather during last 2 decades.

Online Presence Timelabs

9. Cloud Security:

We prefer to provide our services over cloud. A cloud based HRMS is highly secured system that centralizes all the data to on a single online location. Data security requires round the clock vigilance, only until you are not sure about the reliability of the HRMS provided. A trusted, Timelabs understands security concerns of our customers and assures high data security standards. It is a highly secure employee database system which conducts all the communication between server and browser with highest level of encryption. What a cloud based secured HRMS does,

a) Simplify and speed up day to day administration tasks b) Make data accessible for workforce on the move and keep employees informed c) Manage accessibility, visibility and edit rights for all stakeholders d) Get instant reports e) Ensure data security

Cloud Security

10. Research & Development:

The more we interact with our clients the more charge we get to research. The more we research, the more we develop. Equation is simple at Timelabs. Ever changing demand and requirement made by our customers make us what we are. Fifty percent of our revenues are deployed towards R&D.

Research & Development

It generally carries greater risks and uncertain return on investment but we believe R&D is crucial for acquiring larger shares of the market through marketization of new development products and customization.


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