Every organisation needs to monitor how their employees spend their time, especially when they are working with clients and offer services by the hour. Attendance management is necessary not only to bill clients properly but also to reduce the time HR managers spend on administrative and attendance related activities. Without a trustworthy employee attendance management system, companies have to face compliance issues, payroll mistakes, and more.

Manual timekeeping exercises take a toll on employee productivity and morale. Filling out working hours or days after the actual working day will only lead to errors and maybe timesheet tampering, and so on. Replacing manual timesheets that are paper-based with proper attendance management software will help companies save time, reduce administrative work, maintain factual attendance records, and remove process barriers.

Attendance software makes it simple and effortless to collect data and track your employee’s time and attendance automatically as per the company rules and policies. It communicates with attendance devices to fetch employee punches from the device and evaluate day-to-day attendance based on a day basis or work hour basis. It also calculates total work time, overtime, late in, early out for each employee as per the conditions and rules laid out by the company for an employee or group of employees.

The use of the right time attendance system software can save an organisation a great deal of time and minimize errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations. It also saves effort, time and money and makes the workplace more productive.

A good attendance system software has features like a good web-based software which allows access anywhere any time. It should be able to implement overall timesheet easily and quickly and calculate payrolls. The right software attendance system will determine multiple time, shift, week and overtime rules, as well as manage holidays and week-offs easily.

Employee Attendance Management System Timelabs professionals provide you with the ideal solutions in the form of attendance management software. Timelabs substantially reduces employee attendance processing time, increases precision and helps you solve your organisation’s attendance related problems and gain better control of employees, effective use of human resources, huge savings and assistance in the decision-making process.

Some of the core features of Timelabs attendance system software are

  • Web-based software.
  • Payroll calculations.
  • Determine multiple times, shifts and overtime rules.
  • Manage holidays and week off easily while keeping track of leaves, absence or vacation.
  • Time rounding, late and early entries.
  • A centralized attendance data from multiple locations.
  • Retrieval of previous data.
  • Managing schedules and shifts of different employees.

Customise features according to an organisation’s requirements.The attendance system software has been beneficial in the workplace in various ways whether it is saving time, money or better returns of investment. It has become handy to keep the employee records, fixing shift timing and night work environment, in-depth and accurate systems reports or accessing time records anywhere anytime through the internet or intranet.

It has made it possible to save money and enhance security at the workplace by avoiding time fraud incidents, accurate calculations of overtime, half-days or leaves. It instills discipline in the organisation by enforcing company policies and legal compliance. Working with Timelabs software is a better return on investment because of its success in increasing business efficiency and employee performance. Timelab is committed to building transparency with employees using portals for employees – online, anytime and anywhere.


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