How to Manage Time & Attendance for Remote Teams?


Most organizations have adapted to the new normal of working from home. It yields benefits for employees as they save on the commuting cost and remain safe inside their homes. However, managers may have to face challenges when monitoring the time and attendance of their respective teams. 

As an organization, you must ensure that your employees stay productive throughout the day. You also have to monitor and record their in and out time, including breaks and lunch. The idea is to ensure accurate time & attendance tracking. HRs may have already invested in attendance software that eases out their work. But you need to utilize the tools effectively to bring maximum efficiency into the system.

Here’re some tips that can help you make the most of your online attendance management system.

Inform about office working hours

Now that companies are all praise for remote working and how is it helping them cut costs, you should also take helpful steps to make your employees less stressed. When working from home, there is no stress of commuting to the office, and you can take breaks whenever you want. However, you, as HR, should streamline the process and inform your employees about working hours.

Your staff may work on a rotational shift or request flexible timing. That’s why your attendance software should have the feature to record multiple time entries. It can help you track the attendance of each employee without fail. This data can help you further in payroll calculations.

Go mobile

Your online attendance management system should be mobile responsive. It means that your employees should be able to clock in their time, regardless of the location. They should not face the hassle of turning on the laptop and visiting the tool to punch in. Take advantage of the digital offering, especially if it is benefiting your organization.

Monitor breaks 

While working from home, one can slip into the lazy mode of working or get habitual of taking unnecessary, frequent breaks. It could hamper employees’ productivity, and there could be coordination issues. So, it’s better to make your employees understand why they need to clock in and out time for lunch and breaks.

GPS tracking

Your attendance software should come with a GPS tracking feature. Although we are talking about remote working, your employees may have to travel for urgent client meetings or look after a site if necessary. For this purpose, you need a reliable online attendance management system. You should be able to track your employee’s locations for safety purposes.

In these testing times, we all have to work together as a team. Managers should not stress about managing their team’s whereabouts. Try to implement employee-friendly policies so that they can work in a free environment, even at home.

You can count on Timelabs HR software to solve your attendance and payroll issues. It comes in handy with an employee self-service portal that helps in managing daily HR tasks efficiently. The software aims at making your employees self-reliant and improving employee productivity.

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