Benefits of Student Attendance Software

Student Attendance System

Many educational institutions are adopting new technologies considering the new normal of working from home. Every aspect needs to be considered, including flexible time, leaves, time off, etc. In such cases, how do schools and colleges monitor the attendance of the students? Most schools and colleges have started using an attendance system to manage attendance.

The majority of educational institutions rely on a paper-based attendance system, thus face a lot of trouble correcting the data entry errors. Besides, it takes around 20 minutes to log the attendance manually – one can utilize this time to teach subjects. Moreover, it is cumbersome to generate monthly attendance reports, and there is a risk of data compromise. 

Student attendance software ensures accurate, error-free, and convenient ways to secure students’ data online. Educational Institutes are switching to a student attendance system to make their work easy. Let us understand the benefits of using an online attendance system.

Accuracy: Automated student attendance software provides accurate time records. It minimizes the probability of errors that occur through manual data entry. Further, it helps in real-time attendance and leaves no time for delays. It maintains the in and out time of students and helps track their leaves as well.

Efficiency: Monitoring attendance takes time and effort. It is tiring to process paper sheets and time cards, authorize leaves and generate reports. One can utilize this time to impart knowledge to students and leave the attendance hassle to a student attendance system. It brings efficiency into the system and reduces the time spent in marking attendance manually. It makes resources productive too. 

Data Security: Student attendance software ensures complete security of data against the paper-based attendance model. Biometrics systems are reliable enough to safeguard the data and reduce administrative costs as well. Also, it prevents proxy errors and ensures low cost incurred in case of lost ID cards. 

Automated SMS alerts: Student attendance software manages to automatically send present/absence alert to parents’ mobile number via SMS. This way, they can track the student’s whereabouts and reasons for leaves and cancellation.

Easy integration: Student attendance software can be integrated with third-party attendance hardware and can capture GPS-based attendance as well. A user-friendly interface lets the user work with ease and monitors attendance data efficiently. You can configure attendance shifts and monthly attendance cycle and define mark in-out rules as per your convenience.

Real-time Tracking: Cloud-based student attendance system enables real-time tracking. It means that the data is available in real-time for further action. Mentors can generate actual attendance reports as and when required. It identifies the location of the students and captures attendance logs timely.

Proximity Card: Student attendance systems are integrated with third-party attendance hardware easily. It helps the young students to use proximity cards to log attendance in case they find the alternate process time-consuming. They can swipe at a card reader and mark their presence instantly. 

Timelabs offers smart student attendance software that aims at reducing cost, saving time, and bringing efficiency into the system. If you’re looking to set up a student attendance system, you can connect with the team to discuss it further.


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