Facial Biometrics: The New Era of Professional Time Tracking


Time trackers based on the process of scanning fingerprints are most popular devices of professional attendance keeping throughout the globe. But, the latest technology has ripened a new kind of fruit in this sector. This fruit is the Biometric Face Recognition System. This brand new solution for keeping attendance in the professional field works on the process of scanning the face of a person and also recording the time of the scan.

biometric facial recognition system

The facial biometrics is gradually increasing its popularity throughout the globe. Various multinational companies, as well as the offices of economic administrations are making it a point to implement this new kid in the block to make the attendance keeping system more effective and proficient. The facial biometrics, already implanted in the organizations have reported fewer occurrences of fraudulent activities and proxy attendances. The process is as follows:

  • The very first step comprises of the recording of the facial details of the employees which the device keeps for the future identification
  • When the machine completes its registration of the faces of the employees, it is ready to scan and record the time of the faces inside its database

Facial recognition system

If you are still thinking as to how the facial biometrics can come to your aid, then read the following advantages of the system:

  • This system solely works  on the technology of facial recognition
  • There are two variations of the face detection or recognition, two dimensional and three dimensional and based on your choice you will have to pay for it
  • The software of the device is efficiently programmed to identify the recorded faces and also to record the times as well as the number of times they go in and out of the office
  • The facial biometrics device records the details of the people who use the device for any kind of movement

The Advantages of Real-Time Facial Recognition

  • Facial biometrics provide better security
  • Fraudulent activities decreases in number
  • Woks twenty-four into seven throughout the year
  • Conveniently integrated
  • Efficient and effective in the job of keeping records
  • Operates only after proper authentication of the users

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