Features of time and attendance software that make them a necessity at any organization

Time attendance

Time and attendance software have been very popular since the past few decades. Every organization is striving towards excellence and is not only moving forward but also making sure that the competitors don’t reach them. It is always recommended to keep up with the new technologies, software and tools.

Gone are the days when organizations used to maintain the employees’ data on documents. Now with the technology changing fast every day, there have come ‘n’ number of time and attendance software that not only help the owners to keep a record of the employees’ personal information but also helps to secure the payroll information of the employees. Be it a small or medium enterprise or an established big enterprise, it is necessary for all to install a time and attendance software.

Working through registers and documents, sooner or later became difficult to manage at companies. This was because, these old systems and techniques of managing employees’ data and information were not only laborious to keep a track of, but also came with certain drawbacks that slowly made them to be outdated in the era of advanced technology. Today, HR managers, business owners, and even entrepreneurs who have a large team to manage, can keep a track and monitor the attendance of an employee right on their computers with advanced attendance software.

These time and attendance software are not only cost-efficient, and time-efficient but also are multifunctional. An employee can view his utilized and unutilized leaves, can apply for new leaves, can see what new events and occasion are approaching, who’s birthday and/or anniversary is nearby, in emergency and in need, can also access employee’s contact information, and these software allow the owners and HR managers to update all important information on the software that can be read by one and all.

Besides these, the software ensures immense flexibility to the employees, providing an opportunity to get their attendance registered from a remote work station, while working from home.

If you have not been impressed enough yet and are wondering what special features does these time and attendance software have that makes them a must have in any organization irrespective of the size and nature, then following are some of the key features, after which we bet, you are going to get one for your organization too, if you haven’t already.

Key Features:
The primary features represented by advanced Time Attendance Software are discussed herewith:

  • Attendance marking based on photographs and other biometric authentication conditions
  • Late marking facilities
  • Automatic calculation of employee salary based on number of working days, late markings, and flexi timing
  • Leave application facilities
  • Leave planning and entitlement details
  • Employee details and calendar
  • Department details
  • Shift master
  • Generation of attendance reports on a timely basis
  • Salary slip

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