Why Using Biometric Face Recognition System Has Become A Trend?


Biometric facial recognition is one of the most trending systems used by several leading industries in order to have a more secured authentication process. Every human is blessed with unique facial points, voice, fingerprints and retina patterns. So, why not use them to our advantage and safety? Face recognition system is well-defined software that works around this approach only by using the relevant facial points of a person to compare it with their stored digital image. With the technology being so effective and effortless, at present, the Biometric Face Recognition System has found itself a place in the day-to-day lives of several people. Leaving behind its predecessors like IRIS, fingerprint sensors or voice recognition. Today Face recognition has also been accepted with open arms by organizations worldwide due to its undoubtedly strong grasp in terms of a biometric authentication system as well as for being the most natural and secure method. Now let’s see how Biometric Face Recognition System is trending in several sectors!


Different Sectors To Incorporate Biometric Face Recognition System

1. Finance Sector:

Ranging from opening a bank account to making digital payment and authenticating at Bank to access the account, are some of the tasks one has to perform frequently in the Finance Sector. Hence, it is completely fair that they should follow an easy yet completely secured authentication process. It is not surprising that it has been predicted that by the end of the year 2020, more than 1.9 billion bank customers would be able to use biometrics. Due to its completely safe approach, many banks like Citibank, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, etc. have also accepted the technology. It is not difficult to say that banking is the major contributor in the Biometric industry.

2. Healthcare Sector:

With the number of healthcare professionals and patients increasing dramatically, it is becoming more difficult day-by-day to keep track of all the records of patients, retrieval and insurance. Though, it is difficult but severely important to keep the patients’ health records safe as they are crucial and sensitive for patient’s medical history. Here comes Biometrics Facial Recognition technology to the rescue which allows you to keep these records safe and saves your time in maintaining them as well. Using this technology can prove to be extremely beneficial for the healthcare sector after all time saved for healthcare professionals means more lives saved. Hence, it is assumed that the global healthcare biometrics market size will undergo massive evolvement in the upcoming years.

3. Education Sector:

The saying, “the more educated a nation is, the more successful it will be.” However, with development comes along a lot of work and serious responsibilities. Therefore, to share their burden as well as to take advantage of the latest technology in the present scenario, schools, colleges and institutes are no longer lagging behind. Biometric Face Recognition System is used in the education sector by personalizing the student’s identity, health records, performance and other activities. The sector is also planning to make use of the technology a notch higher by using it for mapping a student’s face to develop an idea of the student’s engagement level in various activities.

With all the major sectors, utilising the Biometric Face Recognition System why should you lag behind! Visit Timelabs now to be a part of this trending technology.

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