Face Recognition System – An Infallible Tool to Track Time and Attendance


The need for the most apt security system has arisen as criminal activities have increased these days. Home, offices, business all needs security system which ensures much needed safety. There have been several cases where the security systems have saved lives and also provided the clue to catch the culprit. Face recognition device is one such security system that has gained wide popularity over the years and is used everywhere be it large or small scale industries. It is basically a biometric device which is more efficient than other devices. Apart from being a security device, it also acts as time and attendance software to keep a tab on the attendance of the employees. There are many features that make this device efficient:

Short processing Time: Unlike the other devices, face recognition device delivers results quickly thus saving time.

Image Sensors: These devices have image sensors that recognize the image and saves face templates.

Mass storage capacity: The device has mass storage capacity where many face templates can be stored at a time and can later be used for extracting information.

Unique Feature extraction: These devices have unique feature extraction technique which take the facial information that does not change with age and time thus the information is permanent and authentic.

Secret processing: This device works secretly and does not necessarily require the person to be informed about his information.

Low Cost: face recognition techniques are cost effective and give effective results. It has features that are much advanced than the other biometric devices.

Apt for all industries: Face Recognition Devices are apt for all industries and can be installed anywhere. The areas where high security is required these devices are most helpful as they retain the information for longer duration. Also it helps track the in and out time of employees and helps as time and attendance software.

Visitor Tracking: It has also an option of keeping a track on the visitors. Each evidence from the site of crime is important and so are the visitors. It keeps a record of all the visitors and can easily be accessed.

Easy to Install: face recognition device is easy to install and can be installed with any security system at any place.

Inbuilt Alarm: It has inbuilt alarm and sensors that track the face and start ringing.

High Graphics: the device has high graphics and thus is more dependable.

Face recognition systems are very dependable and can be used anywhere. The areas which are congested, or where high security is required like airports, railway station, etc. these devices are very useful. They track each and every face that passes by and store the information. Life is very important and these security systems help in saving life by tracking the culprits and issuing warnings. Terrorist attacks and other horrendous crimes have made life very insecure and vulnerable and it is very difficult to feel safe even at home; these security devices are a great help and give much satisfaction. The biometric security devices all have features that would allow much security and safety but face recognition device is much superior to all of them, one should go for it as the effective security tool. Once installed this device would give security throughout without any maintenance issues.

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