Tips to Ensure Utmost Productivity in The Organization

Work productivity of your workforce is capable of awarding a leading edge to your business or making it deprive from gaining a competitive edge in the industry. It is truly a bitter truth and every business owner must be aware about the same. Ensuring optimum productivity is amongst biggest concerns[…]

Face Recognition System – An Infallible Tool to Track Time and Attendance

The need for the most apt security system has arisen as criminal activities have increased these days. Home, offices, business all needs security system which ensures much needed safety. There have been several cases where the security systems have saved lives and also provided the clue to catch the culprit.[…]

Fingerprint Time Clocks – Revolutionary Technology to Improve Efficiency of Employees

The main aim of every business is to make a profit, and for this, they have to maximize productivity. Some people may think that only companies engaged in production should be concerned about productivity, but this is not right. Today every company whether they are engaged in manufacturing, distribution or service industry, needs[…]

Payroll Software Buying Basics

Sensing the fast growing changing work culture and the flexibility of work hours available to the employees, managing present day payroll manually is quite difficult. However, it is the payroll software that makes it far more easier and convenient for organizations to handle employees data and salary. Finding best ready made software for[…]

Creating Employee Group in Time Attendance Software

Creating employee group will allow you to bind time, week, shift, OT and leave policy directly to a group/bunch of employees. An Employee group is a combination of week policy, Time policy, Leave policy, OT Policy etc. You are allowed to create as many groups and policies as you wish[…]

How to Configure Timelabs?

Configuring TimeLabs is consisting of below important steps: Installation Instructions When Timelabs Pro CD is inserted into the CD drive, the setup will launch automatically. If it doesn’t, open CD drive and click on Setup.exe file from the Timelabs Pro Installation CD. Timelabs needs some prerequisites to work properly. They[…]

Time Sheet Management

Time sheet is used for make, view, and edit employee’s time sheet. Time sheet has all the records of In time, Out time, Working hours, Total hours, Overtime, Leave and Attendance of an employee. Time sheet can be viewed by two different ways. Employee wise Date wise How to Set[…]


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