Time Management – Plan, Prioritize and Do Not Defer Tasks


Time Management is something that even a child must know. Time is the most important factor that governs life; still most of us are not aware about its management. There are many philosophers who are giving guidance to manage time. Each day at some point, an individual regrets his/her inability in managing his time and work. There are many consequences that one has to suffer because of time mismanagement like:

• Stress
• Delay in accomplishing tasks
• Shame: when we are not able to complete certain tasks on time we have to bear the brunt of seniors and that is a cause of shame and insult.
• Setting negative impression

These are certain major consequences which get associated with one’s personality and are hard to be removed. Time management is a habit that one has to develop and inculcate in generations that follow. There are certain simple things which if incorporated in one’s daily life would automatically lead to a stress free life.

Getting up early in the morning: this is the first and foremost step in time management. Time is always less for late starters. Getting up early would leave enough time to get ready and complete the necessary chores. It would help in avoiding the 11th hr rush. It is believed that a good and happy morning leads to a joy filled day.

Make a list of works to be done in the whole day: One should write tasks that needs to be done in the whole day so that there is no scope on forgetting anything. The list can be appended or deleted as and when required.

Prioritize: It is best to set the priority. The tasks which are important should be mentioned on the top and should be accomplished first.

Tomorrow never comes: This is something that we have been hearing since time immemorial still many of us do not take this line seriously. Don’t leave things for tomorrow; remember this tomorrow will soon change into day after tomorrow and so on. This day is what we have and that is when things need to be done.

Review: Review your daily work and see if anything is left if there is something set it as a priority for next day.

Utilize leisure hours too: There are times when one needs gets plenty of time and it goes waste. You can utilize this time to complete tasks like buying groceries, arranging the cupboards, making presentations, documenting the work and many other such activities that are neglected in routine days due to shortage of time.

Time Management is important and none but we are the best person to teach ourselves about managing time. Time and attendance software may keep or attendance in the office but it is us who can effectively make our time more productive. Laziness is the biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome when it comes to time management. Life would be very easy and stress free once time factor is taken care of. So plan and execute things so that your precious time does not flow rather remains steady in your hands.

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