It is a common feature to see employees stealing company time in majority of organizations. There are many radical ways to do this, some go for buddy punching and some steal time by punching in and out earlier or later than the time they were actually supposed to. All these scenarios have pushed higher ups in a company to curb this practice by using some technologically driven tools and techniques. With a revolution in the IT sector, a lot of advantages are being enjoyed not only in this sector but also various other sectors. Though, it is important that employees themselves realize the importance of working for a company with complete dedication, it becomes important to check this practice using some innovative ways. These days, online time and attendance tracking system is available that helps to check the practice of employees stealing company time.

Why I should opt for a time clock rather than pen and paper?
In manual attendance systems, the chances of errors are high. Any such error may result in creating havoc with the bottom line of the company. In comparison to this manual system, using time and attendance tracking software offers enhanced accuracy and cost effective means of keeping a tab on the coming and going of the employees. The risk of human errors in entering employee movement details is considerably reduced. This software ensures an approach that is not only unbiased and easy but also automated approach when it comes to track work hours of an employee. This advantage is one of the most prominent among several offered by online time and attendance tracking system.

What are the advantages of using time and attendance software?
Automation is one aspect that has a lot of impact on day to day activities of our life. A lot of time as well as effort are saved by using these automated systems. This ultimately results in reducing cost of labor. You can well imagine the advantage of freeing up a lot of time that is spent in tracking attendance and time done manually. Many times, payroll is also prepared manually. This saved time can be used for better purposes like generating fresh business ideas. The software used in this field is basically a device meant for biometric collection of data.

Will it improve the efficiency of my staff or my business productivity?
Using this software, time of an employee can be streamlined and day to day operations can be made more protective. When time keeping practices are streamlined, this practice actually helps the employees with necessary resources that are needed for success. Online tracking has made the task of keeping a tab on employee’s movements simple and straightforward.

Can time clocks save my hard earned money?
Implementation of a technology that is based on biometrics for keeping a record on time and attendance will help in bringing about a reduction in overall labor expenses. It takes a lot of time in manually feeding employee time and attendance in a register. Also, the chances of errors are high. Using online software will not only help in saving time but also lot of money by reducing man hours required for the job. Moreover, paper is also saved from wastage. In case records need to be kept, it can be done using online tools and backup data services.


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