Iris Scanner: Ideal Biometric Technology for High-security Applications


Worldwide business owners appear to heave a sigh of relief due to the advent of latest technological solution that ensures avoidance of manipulation by employees related to time and attendance. However, the core nature of technology is constant up-gradation. In future time, it is going to be impossible for employees to manipulate even a fraction of second through adopting various work-related malpractices like time theft, proxy attendance, etc. A glimpse of futuristic time and attendance clock can be seen in Iris scanning.

What exactly Iris scanning is all about?
Greatest appeal of this technology lies in a fact that despite of being a cutting-edge technology, it is quite simple. It is equipped with a non-complicated CCD digital camera. It makes use of near infrared and visible light in order to capture a high-contrast and clear picture of an iris of an individual. When an individual looks into an iris based scanner, there are two possibilities. In first possibility, camera focuses in an automatic manner. In second possibility, an individual makes use of audible feedback from system, in order to ensure whether his position is accurate or no. An individual requires keeping eye at the distance of 3 to 10 inches away from the camera.

What all is captured by iris scanner?
When a camera captures an image, the computer traces the following things:

  • The core of the pupil
  • The rim of the pupil
  • The rim of the iris
  • The eyelashes and eyelids

After tracing the above-mentioned things, this scanner analyzes the patterns of the iris. Thereafter, the same patterns are translated into a code.

Reasons of increasing popularity of an iris scanner:
When there is available a foolproof ultra-modern technology in the form of iris scanner that ensures sincerity of employees towards productivity, which business owner would like to miss it? Popularity of iris scanner, in the context of high-security applications, is increasing with leaps and bounds due to various reasons. The first and foremost reason of the same is uniqueness of iris. Reference for comparison accounts for 60 to 70 points in fingerprints based time and attendance system. On the other hand, reference for comparison accounts for 200 points in iris-based scanner. It is truly interesting that though iris is quite an apparent feature but at the same time, it is a protected structure. Being a protected structure indicates that it does not alter over time. Due to the same quality, it projects itself as an appropriate base for biometric identification. Moreover, it may further sound interesting to you that even after undergoing eye surgery it remains unchanged. For blind people as well, iris scanner proves to be appropriate as blind people too have iris. Contact lenses or eyeglasses do not interfere with the functioning of such kind of scanner and hence there is no possibility of producing inaccurate readings.

To put it briefly, if you want optimum return on investment behind a biometric technology, consider iris scanner. Whether you own a large-sized enterprise or you are concerned about security, iris scanner is competent to live up to your expectations.

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