It is very significant to accurately account employee time. For profitability and growth of an organization, it is essential that employee efficiency and productivity be enhanced. This is more significant for businesses that are small or medium sized. By tracking hours put in by employees during their working hours in an organization, management can focus on overall productivity of an organization. If this tracking cannot be done in an effective manner, it will make an organization lag behind in the competition. TimeLabs offers Time tracking Software that comes along with biometric feature. It helps organizations in tracking attendance and employee time in an accurate manner. This also helps in saving payroll costs.

There are myriad reasons for using comprehensive solutions for biometric workforce management. Validating employee identity becomes easier this way. Some of the reasons are:

Elimination of Buddy Punching
Timekeeping operations are controlled with the help of Biometric enabled time and attendance software systems. This also helps in controlling time theft practices that are quite common in organizations. High-end biometric technology is used in this software like facial recognition technology and biometric fingerprint. Using this technology, employees can be prevented from punching in by proxy. This also helps in reducing cost of labor. Exclusive physiological traits of human beings are used by biometric systems that are unique to every human being like facial patterns and fingerprints.

Prevention of Practices Related to Wage Fraud
Several types of wage fraud practices are prevented when a company uses biometric time tracking software. Employees can no longer falsify their time records. This offers a clear picture in front of the organizations that are looking to enhance their productivity in order to stay ahead in the competition. In manual practices pertaining to time keeping, employees tend to round off their working hours or lie about their time of arrival and departure and in order to gain unauthorized overtime, they tend to extra time in logged hours. All these practices can be prevented by using this high-end software.

User-Friendly – freedom from RFIDs and PINs
Time tracking software with biometric time clocks means that there is no need for employees to carry their RFID badges or time cards along with them at all times. They also need not remember PINs or log-in passwords. The only thing required is they themselves, and this concept has made it easy and convenient for both employees as well as employers to track employee time. Management also needs not reissue RFID badges or keys or reset user information. Thus, this software is highly user friendly.

Automating the Process of Time and Attendance
Other than the above-mentioned advantages, this biometric enabled time tracking software helps in automating entire process pertaining to attendance and timings of the employees’ right from punching to payroll. Traditional Human Resources Management has undergone quite a change with this software. Creation of time stamps is done, and the same is saved in real time. On remote servers that have become redundant, these timestamps are recorded for future use for HR managers in case they wish to access data related to employee attendance and time from any corner of the world.


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