Regular attendance and punctuality are significantly vital traits of employees. It is crucial that employees are present regularly and reach work on time because failure to do so detrimentally affects employee morale and productivity. Excessive tardiness or absenteeism can lead to disciplinary actions or in some cases may result in termination of employment.

Tracking employee attendance is one of the very important things acknowledged by the employer in an organisation. Proper follow up of time and attendance is paramount to ensuring accurate and reliable information is being collected for workplace business decisions. Likewise, the same information helps to strengthen a workforce, which is believed to be a major asset to each organisation.

Employee attendance tracking offers benefits to both employers and employees when handled correctly. Here are some benefits that explain how this valuable tool for collecting data works for everybody within a corporation.

Attendance tracking 1. Managers can look after possible attendance issues

The major reason for tracking employee attendance is to find issues that need to be addressed. An employee’s arrival, break time(s) and departure is also necessary to ensure that work hours are not being abused. This is important for monitoring absences whether it is planned or unplanned and ensuring compliance with attendance policies.

2. Attendance tracking helps employees to get paid in full and on time

Tracking employees increases the accuracy of the payroll. This ensures non-exempt employees are never over or underpaid because precise working hours are accessible. Employers can accurately calculate overtime pay, and if necessary, dock pays suitably. Keeping precise records of working hours of employees also helps the employer to find out work levels for different departments. Some might work harder than others and have consistent overtime. Tracking frequency and patterns can improve the process of decision making of redistributing workloads.

3. Boosts employee morale and productivity

A satisfied workforce can be maintained by promptly handling time-off requests. Employees may find it frustrating and distracting if they have to wait extensively for approval of leave or a day off. Tracking attendance makes it easier for employers to review and authorize planned absences. Employees are relieved when they are away from work without the cloud of uncertainty hovering around their head.

4. Real-time productivity analysis

Productivity depends on the analysis of real-time attendance data. Employers should use efficient methods to collect this data. A practical view of productivity levels shows better levels of hiring and rescheduling in certain departments. This may help the organisation in payroll savings.

5. Eliminates the burden on one person entering data for the whole staff

Optimizing employee attendance with attendance tracking system removes the ponderous task of one person entering time and attendance for everyone in the organisation. Tracking time through attendance systems improves the flow and accuracy of data without errors.

Timelabs is the leading provider of web-based solutions for attendance tracking and management. We offer you time and attendance systems that allow you to maintain and record the employee’s attendance and working hours. Our biometric devices are the one-stop solution to all your attendance related needs. Timelab solutions work to significantly increase accuracy, reduce processing time for attendance and providing exceptions driven approval processing for managers.


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