Today, with the improvements in security system, it is expected that a person who wants to authenticate himself for a particular service will have an ID and a password. However, carrying different cards and remembering passwords for each might often be difficult and confusing not only for the individuals, but also for the organizations like bank, hospitals, etc. In this context, an effective and secure identity management system plays a big role, and in order to make it more reliable and secure, the biometric system has come into existence. The biometrics data is integrated into the attendance software systems in order to keep track of the attendance.

The identification in a biometric technology is verified through large numbers of ways and these include fingerprint, facial structure, iris, palm prints, retinal patterns hand written signatures, voice and others. These techniques use physical data and they have received huge attention in the recent years. In fact, one of the most popular options among them is fingerprint attendance software.

Highly Convenient In Nature:

Fingerprint attendance systems are getting prominent attendance in the recent years mainly due to the fact that they are highly convenient in nature compared to the traditional methods of authentication. Moreover, a person no longer has to carry several identity cards or remember passwords for authenticating his identification. The finger print cannot be altered, and it is stored in the software. As soon as, the fingerprint is verified, it allows access to a person.

Uniqueness & Stability: As mentioned, one of the major reasons for which fingerprint technology is used because it is not only unique, but also stable and permanent. Moreover, obtaining the finger print is also not difficult. Large numbers of public and private sectors have started utilizing this technology, and they are certainly reaping great benefits out of the same. The fingerprint based attendance management software was developed for providing a faster, reliable, secure and convenient method of verifying the identification of a user without the need for any password or token.

Managing Attendance With Fingerprints: In a work setting, it is required to manage attendance in order to minimize loss from employee downtime. Traditionally, the control of attendants was done with timesheets and time clock. However, today the need for attendance management has increased and it goes beyond just attendance to providing an efficient work environment for maximizing and motivating employees. In today’s human resource system, attendance management occupies a major part and with the use of fingerprint software system, it is expected to get complete punctuality from employees.

Some other automated methods of attendance methods include magnetic stripe attendance system, barcode system attendance, radio frequency identification, and biometric attendance system. Each of these systems is highly efficient, and they serve different purposes. In the last one, the attendance system is paired with a time clock for each employee, and it is thus used for the purpose of authentication. The entire process is easy and quick due to which the method has acquired huge popularity in the recent years.


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