How Biometric Face Recognition System Has Enhanced Security Features


From the very early times, biometrics is in existence. Fingerprint recognition ruled the biometric market and it continues to do so in the recent times. The biometric face recognition system of today’s date depends on different kinds of algorithms so that it can identify individuals. Since the computer technology has advanced tremendously, it can be used in wide varieties of applications. It is mainly used in monitoring for the purposes of security. Ranging from suspected terrorists to most wanted criminals and missing persons, they can be identified with the use of this modern and scientific technology. In addition to that, the system is also used for scrutiny in different public places like airports, schools and hospitals.

Working Of The System:
The new technology works on a simple algorithm. It recognizes the facial features and captures some facial parameters of the individuals. Following this, it carries out the matching process that exists between the facial patterns with the newly captured facial patterns. As soon as it finds a match, the authentication is granted.  It can work both on indoor and outdoor premises. It is based on no human touch technology, and only the face is enough for getting the work done.
The process is great in the sense that it helps in eliminating large numbers of frauds and security issues. This is the reason why the technology has become highly popular in the recent years.

Eliminating The Limitations Posed By Older Security Systems:
By now, you must have got an idea of the fact that the face recognition system is based on a face recognition technology, which comprises of large numbers of benefits. It can easily eliminate the limitations from older security systems.

•    No need to memorize- The face recognition technology eradicates the need to memorize anything. People will just have to stand in front of the camera, and look into it. This is done for checking the authentication by the electronic system for security. The rest of the work is done by the device itself.

•    Fast process- The technology makes use of a fast matching algorithm. This in turn enables the checking of authentication very fast. In fact, authentication of the individuals is granted within a matter of just few seconds. This in turn certainly helps in saving a great deal of time.

•    Easy process- Compared to the older systems of security, the modern process of face recognition is very easy. The most important part of this system is that people will not have to remember anything like security codes or pins. As a result, large numbers of complexities are easily minimized. A layman for a company will just have to stand in front of the camera and get the authentication done easily. They will not have to do anything personally.

Therefore, it can be easily said that face recognition is a very simple and clear solution to heighten the level of security in your premise. Unless, you start using this technology readily available, you will not get an idea of the difference it can create.

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