How Employers Are Making Use Of The Technology Of Employee Attendance Management System


Gone are the days when employers had to face great hassle and effort in keeping track of the employee attendance. Technology had advanced so tremendously that increasing numbers of employers have stated using the employee attendance management system to track their employees. This technology certainly helps in saving time and reduces the chances of errors and inefficiency. In addition to that, the manual labor along with paperwork is reduced to a huge extent. As technology continues to progress, several manufacturers are coming up with different varieties of these systems.

Advancements Of The System:
As mentioned, even the employee attendance management system that was used few years back is different from what is used today. Lots of changes have been implemented today.

1     Identifying the employees-
In some companies, employees have to smile into a biometric face recognition device instead of punching a time clock. The device is placed on the counter of the office or the shop. Consequently, the device identifies the employees in a matter of seconds and automatically punches them into entering inside. The data is send to the cloud based software program.

2    Paying Only For The Hours Of Work-
Many employers have devised a system in such a way so that they can pay their employees only for the hours of work. This device tracks the entry and exit timing of the employees, and the data is stored in the database. Consequently, the employer can use the data at the time of making the payment. This in turn can certainly prevent great losses.

3    Preventing time theft-
Buddy punching was one of the common practices used by the employers before to track the attendance. However, the major problem that occurred in this context was the practice of punching another employee in an out in replacement of the actual employee. Some employees also punched earlier or later than the actual time in order to put in additional time to their record. Some of them even did not punch for the unpaid lunches or breaks. The combination of these things resulted in time theft. However, with the availability of Biometric Face Recognition System, time theft can certainly be prevented.

4    Using different principles-
The Biometric Attendance System that the employees are implementing today work on wide varieties of principles. While some devices use fingerprint scanning, many use facial recognition, vein pattern scanning and others. Any of these principles are highly efficient, and they can largely prevent time theft because they can easily verify the identity of those clocking in and out. The digital audit trial that it creates certainly cannot be altered.

Biometric technology will certainly not tell if someone punched in and made way out in some other way, but it will surely validate the employees and say whether they are on the premises or not. They also make time and attendance data, and offer loads of benefits to an employer. This is one of the major reasons for which every employer has started using this technology for tracking the attendance of their employees.

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