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The human resource department of any company is the busiest of all because they have to manage lot of things including regular attendance and payrolls of its employees. The time management software has made this task easy and manageable. Employees are also comfortable as they are saved of human errors that occur in calculation of pay. The software used by companies vary according to the and nature of the organization besides the needs of the company. There are many types of time and attendance software available in the market:

Attendance Software

Web Based Time Clocks
This type of software is ideal for a company whose employees are much into traveling and through this clock they can register themselves from any place thus making it easier to record their attendance. Compiling attendance through this is also much easier as compared to manual recording. The exact time of employees can be recorded which will avoid time theft.

Onsite Systems
These can be used in large as well as small companies where a hardware is installed in the office and each employee can enter his in and exit time. The hardware for this is very compact and so can easily be installed anywhere at the entry and exit point. It can easily be integrated with payroll software thus making the calculation of salaries easier. These include punch cards, thumb impression machines, etc.

PC Based Systems
This software is ideal for small enterprises where a single PC can be used by all employees to mark their attendance. This software may not necessarily require internet connection and can be used to calculate the salaries and working hours simultaneously. This different software gives a wide choice to the company to use any that they consider suitable for their employees. Even schools are trying to get these software installed in their campus and buses to provide security to their kids.

This software has drastically reduced the time that was earlier required in computing the work hours and salaries of employees. The labor and manpower has also reduced because things are now handled by machines. The management also does not require to keep a counter check on its employees because they can easily rely on this software. It has been designed in a manner that fake attempts can easily be countered. The software comes with storage capacity that helps in storing big database also. An employee is given his identification number and the automated process tracks all the other information related to the number.

This software has made the management much easier for the HR employees. Time and Attendance software has due to its handiness and reliability become quite favorite of all large and small firms and has reduced miscalculations and time thefts by the employees. It is favorite of employees too because the system guarantees no miscalculations. The record can be checked if the employee or management has any doubts and that makes the relations between the staff and management cordial too.

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