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Paperless time and attendance systems are proving to be a boon for the enterprises of all sizes as through their assistance, it is possible to achieve the most important target of a business i.e. ‘maximize profit by minimizing cost’. It is apparent that manual systems of keeping an accurate track of employees time and attendance has proved to be a failure The entire exercise of manual process related to the time and attendance results into nothing but into excessive wastage of paper. Isn’t it an intriguing question that even after wasting excessive amount of paper stationery including time sheets, paper ID cards, registers, if a company is not able to enhance the productivity of its employees and develop a strong ethical work culture then what’s the use? Isn’t it a wastage of money on paper stationery or isn’t it a sheer waste of time of the HR personnel? In case if you dream of a clutter-free office space and if you are in quest of those ways through which unethical practices like time-theft and buddy punching can be put to an end, then you have landed at a right destination. TimeLabs is gaining a recognition as a quality supplier of automated time clock software, with a fast pace. Here at TimeLabs, we not only offer you the modern software related to the tracking of time and attendance of employees, but we are also competent of offering you customized software. If you are still finding it difficult to decide that whether you should switch onto automated software or no? Have a glance on the numerous benefits offered by advanced time clock and web-based clocks:

Attendance Tracking Software

Real time recording: In manual time tracking software, it is not possible to record in real time, when the workforce punch in and out. On the contrary, by installing an advanced time tracking software, it is possible to record in real time, when employees punch and punch out.

Time and attendance tracking from remote locations: Through the assistance of latest innovative time and attendance cloud-based systems, it is possible to monitor the time devoted to the work and the leaves availed by an employee, who is working from a remote location. In this case as well, it is possible to create records in real time. Even, for HR personnel and business owners, it is possible to view the information by simply login into their account from any place across the entire globe.

Attendance Software

Convenient payroll: Our automated and highly innovative modern software facilitates HR personnel to simplify their work, to a great extent. They can export the detailed time and attendance reports from the automatic time clock software to their HR process and they can run payroll. No need to calculate manually and digital copies can, not only be created but they can be saved as well, for evidence purposes to prove that the company is complying with the standard labor practices.

Put unethical work practices to an end: By investing into the intuitive time clocks and software, you will not remain helpless anymore, regarding putting various unethical practices like work-theft, buddy punching, etc. to an end.

Thus, when you have got an idea about the numerous benefits offered by automated time and attendance systems, don’t delay in contacting us because we know how to make your company appear more professional and more efficient.

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