Web-based time clocks are truly causing stir in the market. Large-sized organizations have already got convinced that these advanced offer numerous benefits in addition to ensuring optimal productivity. Now, it is medium size and small size organizations that have begun jumping on the bandwagon of installing these superior clocks.

Web Time Clocks

How exactly a web clock works?
Each and every business has a facility of internet connection and time clock. Whenever an employee arrives to a workplace, take breaks and leave workplace, he requires placing his thumb or finger on a scanner, in order to record his time. A web clock is that advanced technological device through which, time recording of an employee takes place and is made available through any web browser.

Features of a web clock:
They are simple to use. It is easy to install them. It never saves anything on computer but uploads all kinds of information over cloud servers. The biggest attractive feature of a web-based time clock is that it is impossible to manipulate it.

Benefits of using a web clock:
It is apparent that if web time clocks would not have been extremely useful, organizations wouldn’t have showed interest in them. Let’s have a glance on the major benefits offered by superior and technically advanced web time clocks:

Enhance employees’ productivity: When employees become aware that it is no more possible to manipulate the time and attendance, they are left with no option, but to ensure dedicating the demanded time towards their work.

Save considerable amount of money: It has been a known fact that almost every organization tend to incur lose due to the unethical work practices including buddy punching, time-theft during breaks, manipulating the manual time and attendance recording system, etc. A web clock is a reliable and proven solution to counter various unethical practices that put strain on the valuable resources of an organization. When the productivity of the employees is maximized, an organization not only ends up in saving a substantial amount of money, but it also ends up in enhancing its revenues.

Trimming down the useless expenditure: Manual time tracking and attendance recording demands for investing a large amount of money on paper and various other kinds of stationery. Through installing a web time clock, an organization can actually curtain useless expenditure in the form of paper stationery and other stationery products.

Safety of the data: Through installing a highly developed web time clock, there remains no fear of the loss of the valuable documents. It becomes possible to ensure the safety of all the records and it also becomes possible to have a glance upon them whenever an authoritative user wants to. It also becomes possible for all the employees to keep a track of their individual time card, log-in and log-out time, etc.

Quick and accurate payroll generation: When a payroll is generated through the help of manual time tracking and attendance system, it is bound to reflect few errors. However, when the same payroll is generated through the help of sophisticated time and attendance software, the chances of human error reduces to a great extent. Apart from that, it becomes possible to generate a payroll in a shorter span of time.


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