Whether you are small business with just 10 staff members or a large enterprise, keeping track of each employee’s leave can become time consuming and cumbersome, not to mention highly vulnerable to costly calculation errors.

Leave And Attendance Management system is a much simpler and quicker method of ensuring your organization’s leave requests are handled correctly, accurately and lawfully.

By investing in leave management software, your company stands to gain the following:
#1 Accurate Data

Leave software programs help HR personnel keep an accurate record of employees’ data such as number of leaves, leave balances, leave trends, etc. This data is a mouse click away compared to the age-old method perusing through leave registers. Since an employee’s leave record is being managed by a software program, your HR manager can easily integrate this data with the existing payroll system.

#2 Promotes Transparency

With a leave software program, an employee’s leave information is accessible to all the managers as well as the employee in question. This leaves next-to-no room for disputes about leave balances or leave history. It also aids the leave rejection/approval process.

#3 Policy Awareness

Apart from tracking leave data, the program is effective at conveying and applying your company’s leave policies regarding maximum and minimum leaves permissible, number of mandatory working days before applying for a long leave of absence, holiday calendar management, etc. Employees don’t have to take time out and walk down to HR to access this information. They simply have to log in to the company’s leave software program.

#4 Ensures Employee Compliance

Leave software systems are adapted according to a company’s policies. These are automatically applied to leave calculations. Therefore neither a manager nor an employee can bypass these rules. It also prevents favouritism on behalf of the managers when they approve or reject leave requests.

#5 Visible Data

Sometimes managers quickly need to ascertain which team members are available to meet an urgent deadline. A leave management software program will show necessary leave data for specific employees. This is an absolute must as it easily expedites the approval or rejection process for managers during a crucial project submission period.

#6 Promotes Adherence to Labour Laws

Companies are legally required to abide by labour laws as it safeguards the rights of employees. Compliance failures can result in complex and costly legal battles that be a huge liability for a company. You can easily avoid this by having a leave management program in place that adheres to your country’s labour laws.

#7 Enforces Discipline

Leave management systems are transparent and legally abiding. Managers and employees can use this system without facing any “grey” areas. Having quick and easy access to leave availability and leave history improves accuracy. It motivates employees to have better attendance records. Ultimately, leave management software builds discipline within your organization.

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