Time and attendance system performs some major tasks right from installation of time clocks to the processing payroll, in order to lend assistance to the HR dept. of various organizations. Though the tasks performed by time and attendance system may differ from one enterprise to another but the main motive behind installing time and attendance system remains same. There is no doubt that, efficient and accurate time and attendance ensures effective payroll processing. However, if one is planning to install time and attendance system then one should try to gain some basic knowledge related to the basic terms of time and attendance system. Let see what those terms are:

Payroll Service Bureau
This is basically a name given to that business which is mainly responsible for handling all tasks related to payroll of different companies. Payroll service bureau basically lend assistance to those small-sized companies which can’t afford to manage the tasks related to the payroll. In order to understand the advantages of outsourcing the attendance and time payroll process, one can try many payroll software available in the market.

Payroll Export
This term implies towards the attendance or time information system which is capable of transferring entire information straight away to a payroll tracking system. The export facilitates HR managers to keep a track of the employee attendance, work efficiency compare and labor costs. In order to understand, how exactly payroll export functions as a part of an attendance and time information software system, one can try the software for payroll available in the market.

Employee Lock Out
It is basically a kind of restriction, which is being imposed on employees so that they are restrained for an effort related to the punching in at time clock. Through this restriction, it becomes impossible for employees to fool their managers. In order to understand how few time keeping devices facilitate locking out options and what are the advantages offered by these options, one can gain more information from the web.

Benefits And Accruals
This term is entirely dependent on the employee work but the time which is not being spent by an employee on work is also taken into consideration under this heading. The terms benefits and accruals are also defined as sick, vacation or any other kind of leave provided to an employee. In order to understand more about benefits and accruals, one can try various software related to payroll.

Buddy Punching
This is basically an illicit way through which colleagues try to fool around with the time system. It is similar to proxy in the sense that one colleague tries to punch on the behalf of another colleague, in the case when one colleague is either late or absent from the work. This obviously make an adverse impact on the productivity of employees, hence in turn, affects revenue generation. In order to understand what exactly a buddy punching is and how can it be prevented, one can try the software made for this.

Incentive Pay This term refers to a reward system, through which employees are encouraged for job rotation. This term has been explained well at many places and a software for this facilitates unbiased incentive pay for the employees.


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