Time and Attendance Tracking Technology: A Must for Businesses


Time and attendance technology helps the companies to keep a track on the attendance and working hours of the employee in order to make their payment. This technology has proved to be a real time and money saver for all types of business. This technology has replaced all the paper sheets and other manual systems at rapid speed. It has two types of systems. One is web-based and the other is PC-based. It depends on the type of business whether which system suits it.

In case of PC-based system you have to install software whereas in case of web-based system, you keep receiving services and there is no need of installing any hardware. Generally people choose the type of system depending on the number of employees. Businesses with less number of employees may want different technology as against businesses with large number of employees. This technology comes with various features which helps you have customized system as per your business. Like systems with fingerprint recognition, entering a password or any other code number, swipe cards etc.

Some of the advantages of the time and attendance tracking technology are:

It helps to cut down costs in almost all the departments of the organization. Installing the time and attendance software means that you free your human resource department to engage in more productive work rather than they wasting time round the clock in entering data about who all are present on a particular day and counting the work hours of each employee.

The records are accurate and there is hardly any chances of error. Since it is a foolproof system that does not allow proxy attendance such as the biometric time and attendance software, these confirm the integrity and genuineness of the data.

This system eliminates ‘time theft’. Buddy punching and other fraudulent practices can be avoided. On thither hand, electronic record allows the manager to view all the gathered data just by a click of button as opposed to manual recording where you have to go through piles of papers.

Business organizations can justify the salary of its employees by viewing the track history of employee as well as the productive hours the employee has spent in the office.

When you install a PC-based system, you can easily keep a track of everything from your desktop to your place of business.

There is competition amongst hundreds of vendors to sell off their time and attendance products. Due to the competition, it becomes easier for business enterprises to compare the prices and the features of various products and select the best suitable product. A small business should look for a system which provides the features like data collection, time accounting, cost distribution, scheduling, payroll integration and attendance tracking. From its features, it is very clear that the long term benefits of the time and attendance tracking system override its costs and therefore it is advisable to make one time investment and carry tension free business.

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