The most important part of any organization is the employee’s and their dedication towards the company. Taking care of their needs and complaints is the job of the Human Resource Department. Sometimes this becomes tiresome. Timelabs have come up with a new technology namely Employee Self Service to help you to solve this problem and ease up your work burden. The biggest value that this software brings to your company is its value added services for employees of an organisation. Moreover, it increases the accuracy of the information of the person who knows their information in the best way possible i.e. the employee. The Employee Self Service software creates a single, secure and repository environment wherein the Human Resource Department information is confidential and the process is easy to understand. It provides an environment that is easy to access by all employees from anywhere regardless of the 24 hours day cycle it may be or 7 days of the week. The access rights to the software will be only given by the Human Resource Department, typically depending upon the employee’s position in the organization.

Employee Self Service Core Features of Employee Self Service It has a user-friendly dashboard that shows employees’ their whole month performance, as well as planned leave and holidays with the number of days absent, present, offs, etc. in a glance only. Besides, it is a web-based technology that can be easily accessed through any browser from anywhere. It also manages the personal details of an employee; father’s name, date of birth, PAN, email, etc. They can get these details updated into the system by submitting a request to their Managers. It allows you to manage documents fast; employee submits and imports documents for their HR from ESS portal. HR also can issue a company or employee document to Employees. The details of assets can be tracked that have been issued to and submitted by the employees. Key Benefits of Employee Self Service It is easy to understand and work flawlessly. It can be accessed anytime anywhere. With this, it also provides satisfaction to the employees by giving employees instant access to the information. Besides, it improves the quality of information as it is incorporated by the employee’s themselves, so the question of errors does not arise and the information becomes more authentic without any extra cost associated to it. Thus, management of the information about the employees will improve without any hard work through Employee Self Service software. Hence, to know more about the software you are just a click away. Experience the best services at Timelabs.


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