How To Make Timesheet Submission Easy With Employee Attendance Software?


It’s not surprising to learn that in the business there is one plague that afflicts employee time tracking: employees despise filling out timesheets! It’s this affliction alone that makes managers and supervisors running to amass everyone’s data and ensure it’s accurate.

Here are a few ways you can make timesheet submission easy with employee attendance software:

1. Maintain Simplicity

Make the process of completing timesheets simple. It should take up no more than 10 minutes to complete every day. If the employee is spending more than ten minutes to track their time, you can expect some level of frustration. The company would also lose out on time which could’ve been spent on business development tasks.

2. Make Submissions Seamless

Avoid using a complicated time tracking software. Opt for automated processes so that employees may submit their timesheets without complaint or delay.

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3. Explain Reasons for Implementation

Communicate your reasons for implementation clearly! Explain how the data will and won’t be used. Explain the importance of time entry to your team. By explaining and clarifying how timesheets speed up billing and improve cash flow, you can encourage more employees to get on board with the new employee attendance software.

4. Keep Time Tracking Items to a Minimum

Keep the list of buckets you’re following to a minimum. Group certain items together, i.e. product training, internal meetings and conference calls into one category. This greatly simplifies reports and facilitates time tracking for employees.

5. Set up Automated Reminders

Create an automatic reminder that is sent out to each employee to prompt them to complete and submit their timesheets. This encourages timely submissions and reduces tardiness.

6. Avoid Using the Penalty System

Many companies install penalties for timesheets which are submitted past the due date. An example of this penalty is withholding pay until the timesheet is approved. This may seem to work in the short term but it’s highly unwise. It undermines team unity and promotes an atmosphere of distrust. These are things you want to avoid if you’re going for a long-term company.

7. Automate As Much As Possible

If you can, try to automate as many processes as you can. It saves numerous hours allocated to timesheet-related duties. It can greatly reduce human error during each submission. Automating processes makes timesheets accessible to employees, irrespective of where they’re located.

8. Don’t Penalize Honesty

It’s easy to get staff to report the amount of time spent on a particular project. However it’s very difficult to motivate staff to report on non-project related tasks. Don’t penalize your team for working on non-project related activities. Take this as an opportunity to identify issues and improve it. There might actually be legitimate internal problems that need fixing.

Employee attendance software can make timesheet submission timely, easy, seamless and efficient. Get in touch with TimeLabs to learn more.

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