How To Curb Absenteeism With Employee Attendance Software In India?


Absenteeism affects many aspects of the economy. It is one of the leading obstacles to profitability and productivity.

If your organization’s operations are being affected due to frequent absences, consider getting an employee attendance software in India.

Here are just a few ways how this software can reduce and manage chronic employee absenteeism:

1. Monitors Patterns and Frequency of Employees’ Absence due to Sickness

A majority of companies don’t keep track of absence statistics and therefore have no idea about how this affects their productivity. One of the fundamental stepping stones to achieving effective control on absenteeism is having access to accurate, thorough and timely data. Relevant data can help you understand the extent of absenteeism. With absence software, you can record individual employee absences with relative ease. This enables you to monitor and report issues that may arise.


2. Enables you to Implement Effective Management Solutions

Attendance software tracks causes of short term absences as well. For example, it can pinpoint an employee who might be taking frequent absences due to chronic back and shoulder pain. With this data in hand, his or her manager can work with the employee to create suitable working conditions to minimize or curb pain and consequently absences. This also helps the employee feel valued.

3. Encourages a Balance between Work and Life

A personal crisis or incident may occur at any time, causing the employee to request time off. When managers have the employee’s absence records at hand, they can gauge whether granting time off is possible. Employees need to feel that their employees can grant time off for emergencies. Similarly, employers need to be able to be flexible without affecting productivity.

4. Gathers Evidentiary Support to Manage Issues more effectively

Employee attendance software tracks items such as hours worked, days missed, causes of absence, days late, exit and entry times, overtime hours, etc. This data enables managers generate reports and analyse accordingly, especially when it comes to determining bonuses, raises, promotions and even firing employees.

Don’t let your organization fall prey to chronic employee absenteeism. Invest in employee attendance software in India for effective management of this issue. Get in touch with Time Labs to learn more.

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