The modern office is fast-paced and ever-changing. Managers are busy handling projects while employees are engaged with completing required tasks and meeting deadlines. Variables like irregular attendance, tardiness, sick leaves and prolonged absences can seriously hamper the success of any project. Luckily, technology has managed controlling these variables a lot easier in the form of attendance tracking software in India.

What does this software program do exactly? As suggested by its name, it helps record employees’ attendance, time in and time out, etc. It is a handy tool that makes tracking attendance in a large organization more effective and expedient. Tracking attendance enables your HR team and management to view an individual employee’s progress.


Here are five good reasons why your organization should implement attendance tracking software India into their daily operations: 1. Real-time Breakdown of Productivity – Attendance software helps management gain deeper insight into specific employee’s progress and work on various projects and tasks. This information is an asset, especially when it comes to evaluating performance and distinguishing productive tasks from unproductive ones. Doing so greatly improves work efficiency. 2. Enables Remote Work Tracking – Now you can easily track how your project is progressing even when employees are working remotely. Many studies have demonstrated that employees achieve better results when working from home. Attendance software encourages remote work success. 3. Employee Payment – When your HR team has to calculate absences, late arrivals, leaves, etc., it can significantly delays payroll processing or leads to errors in calculations. Not when you’re using attendance tracking software. Since this is an automated system, everything is computerized, meaning each employee’s work hours are accurately logged. 4. Keeps Employees in the Loop – Attendance software provides extensive and comprehensive reports on people progress at work. This keeps everyone on the team in the loop especially regarding who is assigned which project and task. It also provides timely progress updates.

5. Automates Work – With a software program, a computer is doing all the work. This greatly minimizes the scope for human error and potentially thousands of dollars in loss for the company. All your data and reports are compiled on a single platform. They are detailed, concise, clear and readily accessible for anyone concerned. Need more reasons to adopt attendance tracking software in India. Get in touch with Time Labs today.


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