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Managing manpower and workforce at the workplace is an extremely daunting task. It requires extreme vigilance and management skill to effectively manage the workforce. Apart from dealing with day to day work problems and tasks it is equally important to take care of staff salary and salary. The salary is based on the attendance of the employee. The salary calculation is based on the entry and exit tie of the employee. It is difficult to manually monitor the entry and exit of staff and thereby calculate the attendance and time devoted to the office.

Time Software

Software that is capable of bringing high level of productivity:
The process of making staff attendance and keeping check of staff entry and exit time has been made easy by the introduction of software that take note of the same. The software keeps track of employee time and attendance in a very easy, affordable and efficient manner. The time consuming process of making the salary of the employees based on the in-time and out-time is significantly reduced. Also an account of the number of working days can be easily calculated.

Increased office efficiency:
Since the software precisely records detail, it keeps the employees on their toes. The employees would come in time to the office since the in time and out time is recorded every day. Salary is also deducted if the stipulated time is not spent in the office. As employees reach on time and leave on time for the fear of deduction in salary, the staff comes to office in time and goes back on time. As enough time is devoted in the office significant amount of work is done in the office and the daily work output is increased.

Perfect record of data:

Timelabs Softwrare

Time and attendance are automatically calculated so the total hours worked, overtime, sick leaves, other holidays etc can be known easily. Staff statistics and data can be collected and the attendance reports of each employee can be created that could be filed. The data can be very useful at the time of appraisal or promotion. The deserving employees that come on time and take minimum leaves can be awarded accordingly. The attendance and time data can be kept as proof at the time of appraisal. Since human error and influence are avoided using the software, it proves to be very effective is rewarding the right person.

Saves money:
It has been seen that companies that do not use time and attendance software tend to overpay employees due to errors in time and attendance calculation. One person at least has to be involved in the process of making the salary. If the company is large then the process needs to be done by several persons. Added cost is included for the same. The software saves a lot of human effort and thereby saves a lot of money and the efficacy is unwarranted. Thus, to increase the efficacy of the office and to improve work quality and time in the office, it is prudent to switch over to the time and attendance software as soon as possible.

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