In present times, Biometric Applications have become very popular with the business houses, institutions or even the offices. They have given freedom from carrying ID cards or any other identification documents. They eliminate the possibilities of human errors as they take one of your unique characteristics into account like finger prints, face, voice or iris to make it your unique identification.

Biometrics takes into account statistical or imaging techniques to uniquely map any person. These traits are scanned to generate a biometric template. Biometric authentication application can be implemented using more than one modality.

Biometric Time Attendance System

A Biometric Attendance System uses automated method through a device which helps in authenticating the identity of a person and contributing towards a highly responsible security devices. Biometric system can be said to be more reliable and accurate than maintaining any attendance records in the textual form in a register or a log book.

Biometric Data cannot be lent and it is not easy to hack it. A Biometric Device is not only easy to install but also easy to use. It does not let any employee or worker in any company to fudge with records. It is hassle-free solution for the employers whose security as well attendance issues are well taken care of. Employees are also satisfied as they know that the system offers transparency and accuracy.

Because of this being incredibly user-friendly system or software, its usage is far and wide. It is most commonly used in corporate, industrial and public sector where HR department has found a very convenient and simple solution in the form of this system.

biometric system

It doesn’t work with any passwords which can be misused or exploited. This system has a reader or a scanning device which authenticate the identity of the scanned biometric data which is then compared with the already stored database of the individual.

Fingerprint Identification is the most popular way of identification as fingerprints are unique for each person. They do not change over a lifetime thus fingerprint recognition is stable and cannot be modified or misused by anyone. This system ensures that there is no time theft. It can be installed at multiple places in the work area to make it more convenient for the employees who are using different entries and exits.

Time Attendance System

The installation of the biometric system is low-priced which offers a very economical method with array of uses. This system not only takes away all the stress from the employer’s mind but also satisfies the employee as they can also access the employee self-service module thereby creating transparency between employer and the employees. It of course is a great help to HR managers as now they save on time and effort.

We at Timelabs understand that improved efficiency at a workplace leads to success and this only happens when there is harmony and transparency between the company employers and employees. This can be ensured by installing this fool-proof technique which resolves many issues.


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