The Attendance Tracking system is a new and upcoming technology that allows an organization to track and manage the attendance of their employees. Attendance tracking systems can include barcode tracking, QR code, NFC, RF, smart credential and mobile technologies. This tracking system is also known as an event tracking system that helps one to track attendance for both regular working days or during events.

Core Features Of Attendance Tracking Technology The core features of the attendance tracking technology are as follows: 1. It easily manages the attendance of all the employees and serves the purpose of time without wasting time. 2.  It is a web-based technology that can be easily accessed through any browser from anywhere. 3. The attendance tracking system not only manages attendance but also easily calculates the payroll of the employees as per attendance. 4.  It allows you to get fast and comprehensive timesheet easily and quickly. With this, you can monitor attendance as per shifts, absent, late mark, early departure, and OT as well. 5. The data that gets stored in the system is easy to import and export from excel. 6. Moreover, the tracking technology is password based therefore it is a highly secure, precise, and scalable solution with accurate and extensive reporting for historical data retrieval feature as well.


Key Benefits The key benefits of attendance tracking are: 1.  It is an automatic process, thus helps you save time with its anytime access feature. 2. It helps in eliminating troublesome paper time cards/manual attendance register. 3. It also helps you to save money and eliminate the time fraud incidences of the employees. 4. It maintains the accuracy in the calculation of overtime, half days, late arrival, short leaves, etc. Thus, making the software safe from the influence of the employees. 5. Moreover, the software is said to be a better option when it comes to checking the return on investment, as it minimizes your work stress in order to maintain the register, rapid development, business efficiency increases, and it is a reliable and secure system that avoids the chances of cheating.

More About Attendance Tracking Technology

This software is a web access software platform wherein you can access the facility from any web browser without installing any other software to access tracking of attendance. An HR faces problems of integrating attendance inputs from different attendance logging systems e.g. cards, biometric scanners and manual attendance registers across all business locations. Each month a lot of time is spent by HR in collecting and reconciling attendance data before payroll can be correctly processed.

Hence, to curb this, TimeLabs has come up with Online Biometric Attendance Tracking software that has up-to-date technology and software techniques that can be used in every industry, business, etc. The software is available for all types of organizations and the only difference is in the version of the software depending on the size of the company or organization.

Thus, to know more about the software, visit Timelabs to get ample information about the functioning of the app and the services that the software provides.


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