A biometric time & attendance system is a popular option for many large organizations. This system provides sound security via precise validation of their personnel. The validation process occurs through a range of physical scans such as iris and vascular pattern recognition, facial and fingerprint scans. These systems are effective safety measures for both private and public offices to track attendance, authentication and access control times. According to a research study by TechSci, the global biometrics will grow up to $24.8 billion by the year 2021. As this industry develops and grows, biometric time and attendance systems are becoming more cost effective and reliable.


Listed below are just a few reasons why every company needs a biometric system: 1. High Accountability & Accurate Identification A biometric time and attendance system provide accurate identification, thereby lowering the risk of breaches. This advanced security system doesn’t provide internal smart cards or passwords; rather through the verification of certain biological traits such as fingerprints and iris scans. These are organic traits which cannot be forged or duplicated. It is accurate information that aids accountability and security. 2. Efficiency Implementing a biometric system saves both money and time. These systems are designed for seamless use and provide highly accurate answers with minimal efforts. The installation of a time and attendance system is manageable, simple and easy. The use and processing functions are even more expedient, performing employee and visitor identification within a few seconds. 3. Versatility and Convenient Biometric systems are convenient for parties who are managing and using them. From the perspective of employees, it’s much easier and simpler to use a biometric identification system rather than remembering passwords or safely stowing away identification cards and badges. In addition, this system can be used at many security checkpoints such as exit doors, high-security zones and checkpoints. 4. Scalable Since biometric systems are flexible, they will scale alongside your business as it grows. For instance, if you have a facility that expands, it’s easy to incorporate additional biometric systems to further secure your facility. 5. Profitable Having a biometric system in place garners a good ROI for your company. Since it’s effective at preventing fraud and theft, it also protects catastrophic breaches. According to IBM’s 2017 Cost of Data research, the global cost of the data breach is $4 million dollars. Clearly, this system saves money, resources and time and helps maintain consistent company policies. Need more reasons for investing in a biometric time & attendance system? Get in touch with TimeLabs.


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