5 Issues Resolved By Employee Time And Attendance Software


The introduction of employee time and attendance software has helped increase both employees’ compliance to attendance and punctuality as well as accuracy in record keeping. This has helped resolve many costly issues which were usually the direct result of outdated tracking systems like records/registers, excel sheets, punch cards, etc.

By enlisting an Employee Time And Attendance Software today, you can immediately resolve the following issues:

employee time and attendance software

1. Time Theft

When you hire an employee, you have certain expectations from this person. Accountability is one of them. When a particular employee logs in at work and is being remunerated for their skills but is failing to do so, this is when time theft occurs. Time theft occurs in many forms. Some common examples include arriving late to work and leaving early (without formal notice), frequent coffee/tea/smoke breaks, lunch breaks that extend past the allotted period, frequently browsing social media accounts while on the job, etc.

With a time and attendance software, managers become aware of what their individual team members are doing. It also forces employees to be accountable.

2. Data Inaccuracy

Since biometric systems are automated, the need for manual record keeping is eliminated entirely. This means accurate attendance and time records of all employees are maintained. In addition, you cannot tamper with computerized data. Only a limited few within the organization have the authority to enter into this database and edit records. If an employee does manage to hack into the system, he or she will be caught and reprimanded accordingly.

So by relying on biometric system, you have accurate attendance records all the time!

3. Buddy Punching

Any organization that relies on punch cards or manual systems for tracking employee arrival and departure will attest that buddy punching is a frequent occurrence. Not only is this unethical but it is a form of theft. With a biometric attendance machine, it is impossible for any employee to engage in buddy punching. Since fingerprints, handprints, or iris scans are taken, no one can ‘stand in’ for another employee. These prints are unique to every person. In addition, this system is very secure so employees cannot tamper with it.

4. Unnecessary Absences

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Excessive employee absences can have a detrimental impact on an organization’s productivity. There are some employees who aren’t as motivated to work and therefore take frequent and unnecessary absences. This negatively impacts the rest of the team who ends up picking up the slack for the absent teammate. With a Biometric System, managers get immediate alerts when an employee is taking repetitive absences. They can easily bring this to the employee’s attention; hopefully discouraging them from taking further leaves.

5. Lost Identification Cards/Tags

If your company still relies on tags or identification cards as a way of tracking time and attendance, you’re very aware of how expensive it is to implement the entire operation. From taking everyone’s photographs to allocating tags/cards, to implementing the machine and even handing out extra cards when an employee loses their identification tag; the entire system is rife with expenses.

With a biometric system, employees simply have to enter their fingerprint, face, palm print or iris scan in a single session. This data is recorded in a database and saved. From henceforth, they do not need to carry any cards or tags. Each time they clock in, the scanner will conduct a scan of the required part and if a match occurs, is logged into the system.

Is your organization ready to combat these issues? Contact Timelabs today to learn about their employee time and attendance software.

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