Human Resource Management is a tricky job because the department has the dual responsibility of the employee well being in terms of salaries and remuneration along with working hour co-efficient as well as the profitability of the company. Maintaining the correct balance between employee satisfaction and company’s profitability is not only tricky but stressful as well. The improvement of their services is the key to increase the revenue not at the cost of employee’s job satisfaction and their work-life balance. In order to combat this challenge, the key factor is access to all the required and relevant information across all the tiers of the organizations. Employee Self-Service Portal can work as an effective instrument in order to gain access to and provide necessary information. Over a period, such portals have become quite effective in handling the various requirements from both the management as well as the employee perspectives.

Features of Employee Self-Service Portal

The features that have made these portals quite popular include:

  1. The login credentials that one gets when joining any particular organization remains the same for all sorts of the web pages that the organization caters. It is therefore extremely easy to have access to these portals with a single uniform credential.

  1. The employee service portals are generally segregated into different sections thus making the search of the required information quite easy and efficient. As for example, the details of company pick-up and drop timings would be available in the transport section of these portals.

  1. These portals form the basis of the annual performance tracking for the employees of the various organizations. Here the employees as well as their managers can track the performance notes, which can be quite effective in the time of appraisal discussions of the employees at the end of the year.

  1. The management can have the access to the alternate contacts of the employees in case of any emergencies by searching the employee profiles in these portals. It is noteworthy, that the employee profile creation is a must for all the employees in the organizations and alternate contact provision is needed in it.

  1. All of the organizations undergo numerous changes in the policies, which can be beneficial to the employees as well as the organizational management. These changes can be followed quite closely with regular interaction in these employee portals.

  1. All the employees in any organization are entitled to have leaves. However, the scheduling of these leaves can be quite tricky for the management when they have to do it for a team of many associates. The tracking and management of the employee leaves are made quite easier and efficient with the aid of these portals.

  1. Various others schedules as if travel updates, training schedules, organizational opportunities are also available in these Employee Self-Service Portals. Therefore, it becomes easy on part of management as well as employees to have a track of their travel or training status as well as the opportunities.

These portals are quite effective in managing the resources in any organization on a regular basis.


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