Time and Attendance Software Helps Better Project Planning


The employees of a company are its biggest assets and every company tried to care every possible step to take good care of them. In return, the employees assure high level of productivity and timeliness. However, the productivity of the employees differs in different companies. Maintaining the record of employees presence and time of their reporting are no longer a cumbersome task as there are plenty of options to choose from. There are various time keeping and attendance available web and PC based systems. These systems can be attached with the payroll and makes it easier to compute the salary of an employee. This saves lot of time and money and is accurate too.

Each company has a different criterion for selection of these time and attendance systems. Many companies run shifts and want to keep a strict record of reporting time of the employees. Finger recognition system may work best for them. Others who work in single shifts can use swipe cards, numeric keypads, proximity cards, etc. in order keep tab of the employees time in and time out. These systems are available as per the requirement and the budget of the company. There are many companies who do not want to indulge in calculation of attendance and time they can use web based time and attendance keeper, there are many options available in the market some ad of these system also provide an option to get the salaries computed as well.

Most of the systems are PC based systems and lets the company track all the reporting through a single PC. Companies have plenty of options and can choose the right product as per their need. The major factor is suitability and affordability for the company and uttermost thing is that is it user friendly and the HR people get used to it in an easy way.

Where attendance software are a great means to check the in and out time of the employees, it can also be used to calculate the productive hours during the work hours. Suppose the employee remains in the office for eight hours a day and goes out for lunch and other breaks for one hour. And in the meantime he is also out of his desk on personal call or due to some other work and is not working on the project assigned; then he has to punch the time out as well. This way a complete day to day work hours of the employees can be calculates that helps arrive at better project planning.

These attendance systems help the companies to control irregularity of the employee, time theft and punctuality. They also help in generating the salaries by integrating attendance with payrolls. The companies should select the system that is best suited to their needs. These systems will make business smoother to run.

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