Time and Attendance Software – A Helping Hand for Companies


Now days in this fast moving world it is very difficult to manage everything manually as this is very time consuming and tedious process. It is very important to maintain proper records for the time and attendance of the employees. There are many big organizations where thousands of employees are there and to keep a track of each and every employee is very difficult. With the introduction and help of the new software that is the time and attendance software, the tracking of a huge mass is possible and the accuracy is 100 percent in comparison to the manual mode of time and attendance keeping.

Tracking the time and attendance details manually is very monotonous and frustrating. There are software developed which not only keep a data of the attendance but also the data for the in and out time of employee which is very helpful to the HR in the calculation of overtime and late sitting incentive calculations. This is very helpful as the information is saved in a click and there is no way to edit the same, where as in the case of manual tracking it is not possible to keep a track of the time when the employee came and left the office in an altogether error free manner.

This not only helps the HR department but also is helpful to other departments such as it decreases the administration cost. Less of HR employees are hired for salary generation as system is providing all the data. Less human interference is there, less dependency and thus there are little chances of human error. Even employees can access their attendance records, pay records; IT records via intranet or internet as the case many be. This enhances the employee satisfaction and their trust in the brand. This helps to save time and money both. It also helps in measuring the efficiency and productivity of employees. Various software help in manage time, resources and project as per deadlines.

Some time and attendance software modules collect data of the attendance of employees and is then calculated as per the labor laws. This ensures that the company confirms to the laws of the land. This also gives a satisfaction to both the company and the employee. With the introduction of time and attendance software the tracking employees is actually very easy and comfortable. Now days each and every company with 100+ employees are using these software. Automated reminders are also there in such software that help update the records within stipulated time frame, thereby resulting in less of miss outs.

Time labs is also providing Biometric Attendance Management System for huge corporates.

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