Over the years, organizations have found different ways to manage employee attendance. Organizations have moved on from the manual methods of recording employees’ attendance to more advanced methods. The manual methods like attendance registers lead to errors in attendance management. These errors can cost a lot of sum to the company. Even after the introduction of punch cards and time-clocks, cases of buddy punching and time-theft still exist. This is the reason why organizations are switching to biometric attendance systems. Before we understand the significance of time attendance systems in organizations, let’s delve into understanding – why time recording is important? Why track employees’ time? Employees are the most important assets of your company. Their proper management and maximum utilization should be on your priority list. By tracking employees time, you can look for lost and unproductive time. Not only for management, employees too would like to work for a company that is well-organized and systematic. Time attendance system can reduce productivity bottlenecks and help you focus more on important business decisions.

Time Attendance System How can businesses benefit by using time attendance systems? 1. The first and most primary benefit is to be able to track employee’s time. This not only includes the clock-in and clock-outs, but organizations can also record the break timings. You can easily identify the idle lot amongst your organization and take effective steps to improve their efficiency. 2. These systems are fast and efficient. Your mobile workforce can appreciate the convenience these systems bring in managing their attendance. 3. Older systems lacked fast payroll calculation. This resulted in employee dissatisfaction. But the newer attendance software is integrated with payroll software for faster calculation of employee’s salary and other benefits. 4. It is very beneficial for small businesses as well. With bootstrapped budgets, your workforce can seem to be the biggest expense. But if you can simplify employee management tasks, your team can work more efficiently and you can focus on planning faster go-to-market strategies. 5. You can earn better ROIs by investing in these systems. You need to make a one-time investment and you’ll reap its benefits for many years. Plus, the cost to invest in any of the advanced time management software is very less as compared to the money you can lose due to inefficient and outdated tracking methods. 6. They can instill a sense of punctuality in employees. Employees take undue advantage of manual paper-based attendance systems. But when their time is noted automatically, they will be more careful about coming to the office on time. End result A modern time management software fits perfectly into the changing business models and workstyles. Employees want more liberty in how they work and manage their time. This includes managing their leaves, travel, grievances, etc. These systems simplify the daily activities of employees and HR.


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