The HRMS space is constantly growing to bring immersive possibilities of HR tech and automation with time. This phenomenon has witnessed substantial growth and value transition in the last few years. The emerging technology in the domain of human resource management is going to change how people’s force is recruited, trained, engaged, apprised, and managed at all levels.

Let’s see how the HR-tech trends for 2022 look like and how is it going to transform the game for businesses ahead of here.

Hybrid Teams

In the post-pandemic phase, we have all witnessed a drastic shift in the engagement patterns and working systems of organizations. By the first quarter of 2020, there were sweeping movements happening in the job sector, and the employees started working in the confinements of their homes.

Remote working is still a part of most of our lives, and over 35% of professionals the still working from a distant location, fully or partially. As per a study, over 79% of employees favor hybrid working. This working segment prefers to be a part of the flexible work engagement where they are allowed to work in a split mode – both from the office and home.

This calls for an HR software system that provides for an automated framework to deal with cohesively managing their attendances, work logins, and time entries. This also requires the system to keep a check on the performance and evaluate their efforts in building a seamless digital system that employs a high level of communication. This is where the trends are moving, and we shall see more of this being addressed and accomplished with the next-gen HR tech solutions in 2022.

AI in Recruitment

A lot of jobs and work positions have been sacked in the COVID downturn. This has made the job market volatile and turned people unsure about job security and career growth. The ‘Great Resignation’ is the result of this phenomenon, and this has led to a fierce job economy that is facing a stability crisis in the wake of reviving trade opportunities.

The organizations want more people to join their workforce and stay there and commit to their long term goals. Employers want to do anything to hire good talent and retain it. This requires the process of talent search, recruitment, and onboarding to be well-appointed and channelized to deliver value for them beyond and above the grueling competition.

This is going to bring Artificial Intelligence to be closely utilized with the HR functions. This will emphasize utilizing big data and cloud technology to its best by implementing fully optimized and predefined functions for workforce enablement within an organization. 2022 will see greater and broader use of technologies like remote application tracking, digital onboarding, virtual biometric, automated payroll system, employee engagement, and digitalized remuneration and reward systems.


With the growing cases of online threats, the need for strict cyber sanctions and security is on the rise. Malware, DOS, DNS Tunneling, and Phishing attacks are a big reason to worry for organizations, and this is affecting the privacy and safety of employees in a number of ways.

The issues around cybersecurity need to be dealt with with focused and effective efforts. Organizations are already aware of the threat, and they are exploring new human resource practices around the emerging tech to evolve into a more robust and attack-proof system that can dodge and defeat cybersecurity challenges.

Here, they have a gripping refuge coming from Blockchain technology that significantly improves data storage and transactional security. To keep the online data and cyber activities safe, human resource managers are going to depend more on the advanced security systems and program-embedded facilities assisted by the next-age HR tech.

Performance and Reward Management

Employee performance management will be a more relevant, real, and reactive practice to be adopted at the HR desks in 2022. This should be seamlessly integrated with tech-enabled systems powered by high-end HRMS systems and tools. Companies are going to bet on practices led by innovative tech in the HR domain to control how their employees are trained, assessed, rewarded and empowered to achieve a more holistic and lucrative workforce validation and growth.

The modern HR software will allow human resource managers to put a system into place that helps them to derive key information around trends and patterns of employee performance. This will allow them to go a step further in depicting and evaluating the best practices and policies that get them to utilize the workforce optimally to achieve the best employment output and performance value.

This is going to get them important metrics of performance and productivity and get them to fairly and accurately reward the deserving employees by establishing the right remuneration, welfare, and growth programs for them. While on the other hand, they are able to apply corrective measures and performance optimization programs for the underperforming resources.

Wrapping Up

These are the foremost concepts that should be keeping the HR processes and practices busy with new-world tech trends. This is where you are going to see a significant shift in the way organizations adopt and implement HR-tech within their functional framework and realize the next level of program automation and tech-integration possibilities for managing people at work.


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