Time and Attendance is a substantial part of the workforce management. Your company needs to have an accurate data regarding the start and the end time of the entire employees shift. Even other areas like meal breaks, sick days, vacation time etc needs to be noted. Thus, a reliable and a fail-safe time and attendance system are required by every business organization. There are varieties of systems available in the market. In some systems, data is required to be collected manually whereas in some it gets collected automatically.

Basically, what you require at the first place is placing clocking machines at all the entry and exit places and then allot a time card to every employee of your organization which he/she will use at the time their entry and exit. They just have to insert their time card in any of the clocking machines while entering and leaving the office. The clocking machines will automatically record all the data which will be used at the end of the weak or month while paying the salary or wages.

The invention in this field is the time and attendance systems with biometric technology. The technology has advanced so much in the recent years and these have proved that work done manually was far cumbersome to the ease by the recent inventions. This biometric technology is considered as 100 percent precise in generating concrete data. It is predominantly PC linked software which scans the fingerprints or retina or related scanning is done and because of its strict checking, employees are left with no option but to become punctual and loyal.

Once you install a time and attendance software and related hardware at your work place, there are certain essentials such as time cards, clocking machines, clock cards, printers, inks etc. that you need to stock in your office. These days clocking systems come with an MIS tool and with the help of it employers are able to search their delinquent employees and punish them either by charging them a particular amount of fine or in any other way. And this is how employers manage to save huge labor costs.

There are obviously other benefits also of installing the time and attendance software. This system helps in increasing the employee accountability. As all the employees are aware of the system and this will automatically prompt them to be time bound. In fact, this system not only tracks numbers of hours worked by an employee it also at the same time, measures the productivity level of various departments in the organization. This system decreases contingency of time fraud to a great extent. It also provides greater accuracy in data collection and because of this advantage, it is regarded as a boon to HR department as they can calculate the payroll of each employee with great ease. To acquire more knowledge of which time and attendance system suits your company’s needs, you can browse through various websites and conduct a proper study of the features of various systems.


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